COUNTDOWN: Top 50 NBToday Stories in Our First Three Years

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—It has been our pleasure to cover the news in the Hub City city for the past three years.

What started as a humble e-mail newsletter called “The Message” morphed into a robust and trusted source of news in our community.

In the past three years, we have grown from a small website with two volunteers to a full-fledged print and online community news operation, publishing articles in both English and Spanish and employing nearly 30 reporters.

In 2015, we will be continuing to follow the stories and expanding to cover more stories of importance at the county, state, and national levels.  We also intend to offer high-quality Spanish translations of every article in the near future, and continue producing the city’s only bilingual print newspaper.

Without further ado, here are our top 50 stories since we launched New Brunswick Today:

#50 City Loses $1.5 Million Verdict in Lawsuit Over Name of Proposed Bar

#49 Rutgers Selected by Federal Government to Research Drones

#48 Douglass College Admits Noted Transgender Activist

#47 Emergency Management Council Members Never Heard of Council

#46 “Constitution Cop” Resigns and Helmetta Animal Shelter Quarantined

#45 Man Confesses to Murdering Sissy Adam’s Daughter 25 Years Ago

#44 J&J Paid to Doctor on FDA Boards Regulating Company Products

#43 Macaulay Culkin’s Band Performs in New Brunswick Basement

#42 City Council Passes Historic Legislation Against Wage Theft

#41 Police Employee Busted Using NBPD Cars to Buy Drugs in Franklin

#40 Athletics Scandals and Coverups Plague Rutgers President Bob Barchi

#39 NJ’s Controversial Red Light Camera Program Comes to an End

#38 Secret NYPD Spying Operation Uncovered in New Brunswick

#37 Mayor James Cahill Quietly Collecting $99K Annual Public Pension

#36 PRAB Leader Mario Vargas Resigns After Sex Harrassment Investigation

#35 Uncertain Future For Abandoned Ferren Mall Site Owned by NBPA

#34 Several City Police Officers Sue Their Bosses For Discrimination

#33 19-Year-Old Student Accidentally Elected to Republican Committee

#32 DREAM Act Becomes Law Thanks in Part to New Brunswick Activists

#31 Under Pressure, Rutgers Releases Secret Hurricane Sandy Report

#30 Officer Who Killed Barry Deloatch Resigned After 15 Months of Paid Leave

#29 School Vice Principal Arrested For Drunk Driving and Cocaine

#28 Victor Rodriguez Shot While He is Down by New Brunswick Police

#27 Political Funny Money Flows Through Middlesex County PAC’s

#26 Longtime County Sheriff Joseph Spicuzzo Jailed For Selling Police Jobs

#25 New Brunswick Voters Take Control of School System by Implementing Elections

#24 Grease Trucks Split Up to Make Way For DEVCO-Rutgers Apartment Tower

#23 Officer Who Mishandled 81 Internal Affairs Complaints Indicted, But Avoids Jail

#22 NBPA Accumulated $249 Million in Debt Guaranteed by New Brunswick Taxpayers

#21 Connected Developer From New Brunswick Gets Sweet Deals in AC

#20 Are Middlesex County Police Too Militarized?

#19 Gate Left Open at Condo Complex Where Man Was Shot by Stray Bullet

#18 Crazy Halloween Night Exposes Deep Flaws in City Emergency Management

#17 PSE&G Gas Pipeline Ruptures Beneath Raritan

#16 No One Runs Against 24-Year Incumbent Mayor James Cahill

#15 Water Utility Quietly Privatized as Director Leaves After Short Tenure

#14 Unprecedented Opposition Stalls Plans to Develop Apartments on Mine Street

#13 Mass Protests After Fire Director With Poor Driving Record Injures Three Kids

#12 Ex-Cops Quit New City Jobs as NJ Cracks Down on Phony Retirements

#11 County Counsel Tom Kelso Defends Big Developers on The Side

#10 NBToday Editor Arrested After Reporting NBPD Ticket Books in Garbage

#9 FreshGrocer Supermarket Fails After 18 Months, Owing $1 Million to NBPA

#8 Chief Housing Inspector and NB Landlord Charged in Major State Police Operation

#7 Police Caught Off Guard By Out of Control Block Party on Delafield Street

#6 Irregularities Undermine New Brunswick’s First-Ever School Board Election

#5 Condoleezza Rice Cancels Appearance at Rutgers Graduation After Protests

#4 Ex-Prosecutor Bruce Kaplan Narrowly Approved for Judgeship Despite Concerns

#3 Police Release Secret Maps and Announce New Initiatives in Wake of Student Death

#2 Millions in Sandy Relief Funding Steered to New Boraie Luxury Building

#1 New Brunswick Caught Falsifying Water Quality Reports to Cover Up Problems

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Charlie is the founder and editor of New Brunswick Today, and the winner of the Awbrey Award for Community-Oriented Local Journalism. He is a proud Rutgers University journalism graduate and a community organizer, and was an independent candidate for Mayor of New Brunswick in 2018.