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The New Brunswick Water Utility serves residents and businesses in New Brunswick, Milltown, and parts of Franklin Township.

Water Utility Worker Rescued Shooting Victim and Drove Him to Hospital

Meter Reader Was Flagged Down by Man Who Had Been Shot in The Chest

A city employee assigned to read water meters transported a gunshot victim to the hospital after a domestic violence shooting left the 36-year-old man wounded on Lee Avenue.

Election 2022: Mayor Cahill Wins WITH 2 out of 3 VOTES

Mayor Jim Cahill and Kevin Egan were victorious in another re-election campaign this November.

Mayor Cahill Wins Ninth Consecutive Term

James M. Cahill will begin his thirty-third year in office January 1, 2023

James Cahill, a Democrat, received 2,826 votes, 63.2% of those cast. Independent Charlie Kratovil, editor of New Brunswick Today, got 1,213 votes or 27.1%. Republican Maria Powell finished third, receiving 415 votes or 9.2%. 

Mayoral Candidate Powell


Mayor Jim Cahill is looking to extend his long-time tenure in the coming election

Does Mayor Cahill have anything to say?

How you judge New Brunswick’s mayor depends on what you view as important to the city