NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Eleven weeks after being appointed to serve on the New Brunswick Housing Authority (NBHA) Board of Commissioners, Ramon Alayon still has not been sworn into office.

Meanwhile, the sole tenant representative on the dysfunctional board missed her fifth consecutive board meeting on March 28.

As a result, the NBHA was barely able to hold their public meeting that night, with only four of its seven members present.

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CARTERET, NJ—The county prosecutor's office revealed that it has discovered "numerous" firearms permits approved by the embattled Carteret Police Department (CPD) were issued to residents who were not properly investigated.

According to a March 19 statement, Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew C. Carey said an investigation is underway into the CPD's issuance of "approximately 38 possible permits to purchase firearms which have been issued without proper investigation."

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—In the weeks leading up to thousands of high school students across the country walking out in support of gun control and school safety, many colleges have felt the need to publicly take a side in the debate.

The Hub City was the site of five different protests at K-12 schools on March 14 with overwhelming support from the school district.  However, that was not the case in every school district, as some threatened to suspend those who walked out.

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