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Back-to-Back School Bus Accidents For Company That Serves New Brunswick Schools

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On Monday, September 22 at 3:45pm, a New Brunswick school bus collided with two other cars at the corner of Livingston Avenue and Loretto Street.

Jennifer Bradshaw, a spokesperson for Mayor James Cahill told the Home New Tribune that no children were injured, and that they were transported to another bus after the crash.

Franklin-based Joy Transportation, which owns the bus involved in the crash, responded to few of the questions asked. 

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Rutgers Administration Holds Public Meeting on Strategic Plan

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ— A public discussion on the Rutgers-New Brunswick "strategic plan" will be held tonight from 5-7pm in the Rutgers Student Center Multipurpose Room at 126 College Avenue.

Chancellor of the New Brunswick campus Richard Edwards sent out a University-wide email containing a draft of the Rutgers strategic plan, and announced that the deadline for public input had been extended.

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High-Ranking Rutgers Official Quietly Fired, According to Sources

UPDATE (7:18PM): Rutgers University released the following statement from Senior VP Bruce Fehn: "In addition to serving as executive director of police services, Kenneth B. Cop will now oversee emergency management and emergency services operations for the university. He is replacing James E. Kohl in this role…. All other functions within Administration and Public Safety will report directly to me."

"I would like to thank Jay for his nearly 15 years of service to Rutgers and wish him the best of luck in all of his future endeavors."

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Two Former New Brunswick Cops Resign From City Jobs as NJ Cracks Down on Phony Retirements

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Two former city cops are out of a job for the second time in less than a year after their resignation from new civilian jobs they had taken too quickly after leaving their law enforcement positions.

Michael Bacorn left his police officer job on December 1, one month before fellow New Brunswick officer Charles Savoth.

Bacorn began collecting a pension that amounts to $90,711 per year, and Savoth began collecting a pension that adds up to $79,719.

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Working Without Contracts, Rutgers Faculty and Staff Rally Outside State of the University Address

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The main phrase chanted by protestors outside the College Ave Student Center this Friday was “What do we want? Contracts! When do we want them? Now!”

The faculty contracts expired August 31, and they have not yet settled on a new agreement with an administration that has often been at odds with unions.

Since April, the administration has held seven 2-hour long bargaining sessions, one each in April, May, and June, and two each in July and August.

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