NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–Geocaching is essentially a global scavenger hunt that is becoming increasingly popular in New Brunswick.

All one needs to participate is a pen and a device that uses the global positioning system (GPS).

Geocaching is a sport, which began in May 2000, when GPS systems became accurate enough to locate a container—or at least to bring an individual within several feet of it.

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EDISON, NJ–Between the Korean and Vietnam wars, back when one needed the assistance of an operator to make long distance calls came along a popular play known as "Bye Bye Birdie."

Apocryphally known by some as the anti-West Side Story, Strouse, Adams and Stewart’s parody about the drafting of Elvis Presley has become much more than that. It has rightfully earned its standing in the American musical theater.

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–At 2:25am yesterday morning, four parked vehicles sustained damage after gunshots rang out in the New Brunswick Apartments, a garden apartment complex  located in the city's First Ward.

Officially located at 33 Commercial Avenue, the apartment complex has 206 units spread across 15 buildings, making it the sixth-largest private apartment complex in the city.

The incident is at least the second shooting shooting incident in the complex in as many weeks. 

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ —On Wednesday Johnson & Johnson issued a voluntary worldwide recall of its power morcellators, a device commonly used in hysterectomies to shred tissue into smaller pieces, because of the risk of spreading undetected cancer when morcellation is performed.

New research released last week showed that the surgical devices can spread more types of cancer in a woman’s body than previously thought.

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