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Former CEO of Company Behind New Brunswick Red Light Cameras Indicted in Bribery Investigation

CHICAGO, IL—The company hired by the City of New Brunswick to install and operate two red light cameras is again under scrutiny, as a federal grand jury indicted its former CEO Karen Finley in an ongoing bribery investigation.

The indictment stems from Redflex allegedly bribing a Chicago city official in order to gain lucrative contracts installing, operating, and maintaining what became the nation's largest red light camera system.

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Cyclist Seriously Injured by Car Door Near Burger King

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–A 54-year-old city resident was seriously injured at approximately 4pm yesterday, when he rode his bike into an open car door in front of the Burger King on George Street, according to police.

An unlicensed driver, 31-year-old Melvin Martinez-Romero, had pulled over his silver Toyota Camry to drop off a passenger when Adolfo Guzman struck the car door and received a laceration to his neck.

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VIDEO: Mayor Evades Questions About Water Privatization Deal

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Mayor and Acting Water Director Jim Cahill was unusually dismissive of questions about an unpopular water privatization deal that officials originally said would expire last week.

In July, New Brunswick Today exposed the secret privatization deal with NJ American Water, which was signed by Cahill without consulting the City Council, the public, or leaders in the two other communities who purchase water from the city.

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Uncertainty About What Will Replace Aging Wolfson Parking Deck

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Wolfson Deck, one of the largest parking structures in downtown New Brunswick, could soon be converted into a small park and a new building, according to officials.

Wolfson is the oldest of the New Brunswick Parking Authority's nine parking garages, located on Neilsen Street between New and George Streets.

County officials announced plans for a small county "pocket park" earlier this year, which would be the first county park in New Brunswick.

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Tabernacle Comedy Show Brings Unique Art Form Underground

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The Hub City has a rich underground arts and culture  scene, and is well known for hosting many concerts in the basements of local residents' homes.

The locations are known by the attendees as a "show house" and generally have codenames to keep the actual locations a secret, creating a speakeasy vibe that requires one to be in the know to actually attend an event.

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