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Theatre Review: Circle Players Serves up a Pulitzer Prize Winner in Piscataway

PISCATAWAY, NJ—A contemporary drama set during that transitional period when the baby boomers yielded to Generation X, made its debut at the famed Actors Theater of Louisville.

Taking place in suburban New York, "Dinner with Friends" has no trouble bringing to the surface the trauma couples experience when their best friends decide it’s time to lawyer up and divide property.

Food writers Gabe and Karen are hosting another one of their dinners for Beth and Tom, but Tom is noticeably absent.

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Theatre Review: Fearless Productions Stages Powerful Family Drama

SOMERSET, NJ–Every now and again, a devotee of a particular art lets one slip by.

During the days of broadcast television, irritated Star Trek or I Love Lucy fans would often lament about that one episode they kept missing.

Such is the case with this reviewer when it came to Paul Zindel’s Pulitzer Prize winning drama, "The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds."

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Theatre Review: The House of Yes is a Success in Edison

EDISON, NJ—There are some wonderfully written stage-works that, for some reason, even after they become films, remain under the theatrical radar.  Wendy Macleod’s ‘House of Yes’ is one of them.

Productions of The House of Yes remain far and few between.

It's Thanksgiving, some thirty years after the JFK assassination in the Pascal’s McLean, Virginia home, located around the corner from the Kennedy estate.

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Theatre Review: Fearless Productions Stages Grisly Yet Compelling Satirical Drama

FRANKLIN, NJ—After sitting through Fearless Production’s rendering of Martin McDonagh’s Tony award winning The Pillowman, a play festooned with child maiming, child torture, child murder, patricide, matricide and of course fratricide, this reviewer, who hasn’t smoked in twenty years, needed a cigarette.

That need is not a complaint, it’s a compliment.

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Theatre Review: Hi-Tech Multimedia Musical Closes Out Season at George Street Playhouse

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–This reviewer would be lying if he didn’t admit that when Kat, played by Valerie Vigoda, first entered the snow filled stage, he wasn’t’ sure what to expect

But not long after that moment, he realized he was in for a triumphant night of innovative musical theater.

Musicals tend to be larger than life spectacles with big ensemble casts, choruses, choreographed movements, and elaborate sets.