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See Who is Financially Supporting Mayor Jim Cahill’s Re-Election

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The joint campaign committee for Mayor Jim Cahill and his two running mates has raised $90,400 so far, according to their latest required report.

Cahill is likely to run unopposed for an unprecedented seventh term as mayor this fall, in part thanks to his sizable campaign warchest.

Among the more surprising names to appear on the campaign finance reports were Mario Vargas and Jun Choi.

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New Transfer to Rutgers Kicked Off Football Team For Alleged Assault in Minnesota

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—As Rutgers University enters the NCAA Big 10 Conference, a series of controversies has beset the athletics department, ranging from financial issues to outright abuse of student players.

Most recently, however, a new tragedy has occurred involving Philip Nelson, a recent Rutgers Football pick up, who transferred from the University of Minnesota during this offseason.

On May 14, Nelson, 20, was dismissed from the Rutgers Football team in lieu of an assault charge in his hometown of Mankato, MN.

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Environmentalists and Fishers Oppose Rutgers Study of Seabed Off Coast of Long Beach Island

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–Scientists at Rutgers University plan to utilize a swath of the Jersey seabed near Barnegat Inlet, for a seismic imaging research project.

Led by geologist, Gregory Mountain, a specialized National Science Foundation research vessel, the Marcus G. Langseth, is slated to crisscross a rectangular area 7 by 31 miles across, starting 15 miles southeast of the inlet to conduct seismic imaging.

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Expressions of Self and Soul at Hidden Grounds

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–Tonight, from 7pm until 9pm,there will be a free open mic at Hidden Grounds coffee shop at 106 Easton Avenue, the latest in a series of similar events.

"Expressions of Self and Soul" invites all performing artists to the stage. The event welcomes all styles including spoken word poetry, comedy, Neo Soul, reggae, open jam, and hip hop.

For the past seven months, local artist and proud father Ptah Ennead Aten has been hosting these open mic style events all over town.

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Highland Park HS Leaders Start Substantive Conversations on Social Issues

HIGHLAND PARK, NJ—The week of April 7 featured three nights of in-depth discussions at Highland Park High School, including talks covering a range of issues related to race, from civil and human rights to affordable housing.

The discussions were made more interesting because of the choice and involvement of competent and reputable panelists, all of whom were personally invited by student leaders at Highland Park High School such as Oscar Lee.

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Not1More Campaign Unites Local Movements Against Deportations

NEW BRUNSWICK,NJ–A campaign grows against the millions of deportations separating families across the nation.

 “#Not1More weaves together all of our voices in a central location so that local efforts to stop deportation and build community are strengthened and accompanied by cultural creations that illustrate the ugliness of criminalization and the beauty of our communities,” reads their official website.

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