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Rutgers Grad Student Increases Awareness of Diabetes Risk Among Local South Asian Community

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Sairaman Nagarajan, a graduate student at Rutgers School of Public Health is committed to educating the South Asian population about the risks associated with Type 2 Diabetes.

Nagarajan, who immigrated to New Jersey in 2012 with a medical degree from SRM University in India, said  he is in a unique position to effect change, according to Rutgers Today, the official media outlet of the state university.

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New Brunswick Celebrates Rich History at Annual Hungarian Festival

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—People from all over the region enjoyed the festivities associated with New Brunswick's 39th Annual Hungarian Festival this past Saturday, June 7.

Much of Somerset and Plum streets were closed to automobile traffic to accomodate the large affair.  Hungarians from near and far, as well as neighborhood residents cashed in on the gorgeous weather, filling the streets.

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Highland Park HS Leaders Start Substantive Conversations on Social Issues

HIGHLAND PARK, NJ—The week of April 7 featured three nights of in-depth discussions at Highland Park High School, including talks covering a range of issues related to race, from civil and human rights to affordable housing.

The discussions were made more interesting because of the choice and involvement of competent and reputable panelists, all of whom were personally invited by student leaders at Highland Park High School such as Oscar Lee.

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Rutgers Unveils Its First Two 3-D Printing Machines For Student Use

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Students headed to the Fordham Commons area of the Mabel Smith library in Rutgers New Brunswick have been intrigued by the sight of two recently-installed Makerbot 3-D printers.

A sign nearby indicated that the printers would be open to students starting today, Monday April 14.

The attached computers are equipped with software that allow users will to design their own three-dimsenional objects that the printer can produce out of plastic material.