NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–On May 19, thousands of students, faculty, family members, and friends gathered near Passion Puddle on a beautiful day to celebrate the 2014 Rutgers University School of Environmental and Biological Science convocation.

The event was a "Bring Your Own Lawn Chair" event for the families and friends of the graduates.

Rush Holt was the keynote speaker that day, addressing the students with his take on the Dr. Seuss title, "Oh, the Places You'll Go!"

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Residents of New Brunswick, including students at Rutgers University, now have a new option for getting around.

Enterprise has teamed up with the city's parking authority to offer a car-sharing service, for the first time since ZipCar pulled out the Hub City a few years ago.

Like ZipCar, Enterprise CarShare specializes in urban areas and college campuses, places where people get off transit and need to get to places outside of transit-friendly areas. 

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Blueberry lavender. Carrot cream.  Buttered peach cilantro.

Scented candles are what come to mind for most, but in fact these are just a few of the soda flavors that have graced the taps at Destination Dogs.

From the guys who brought pork belly and pineapple-topped hot dogs to the former Doll's Place, at the corner of Paterson and Joyce Kilmer, comes a beverage menu with ingredients that read like an apothecary's shopping list.

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Officials announced on May 21 that a housing inspector suspended for allegedly using a racial slur to describe Assistant City Attorney Charly Gayden will be returning to work on June 5.

Ronald Bellafronte, suspended for three months without pay since March 5, will resume his employment with the city following a decision by the city's hearing officer, Patrick W. Foley

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–Partners in Care (PIC), an independent healthcare practitioner’s association that services New Brunswick and the surrounding area, and NJ-HITEC, a program run out of NJIT that aids doctors and hospitals with the modernization of health records, announced a partnership yesterday which will bring NJ-HITEC’s assistance to the 450 member PIC network.

The network's mission is to reduce overall healthcare costs and prevent emergency room visits, thereby reducing the ultimate burden that all of society must shoulder.

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