Both landlords and tenants (those who rent) have rights and responsibilities when it comes to renting an apartment or home. Follow this guide, brought to you by PRAB, Unity Square, Esperanza Neighborhood Project, and New Labor, to see what to do before, during, and after renting a residence.

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What is Paid Sick Time?

Paid sick time is a New Brunswick law through which workers earn between 24-40 hours of paid sick time off a year.

To qualify for paid sick time you must work at least 20 hours a week in the City of New Brunswick for a business that has five or more full time employees (or full time employee equivalents). Some exceptions may apply

If you work for a staffing agency and the agency provides transportation from New Brunswick to the work site, then you are also eligible for paid sick time.

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HIGHLAND PARK, NJ—A new art show is on display at the B. Beamsderfer Gallery, located at 6 North Second Avenue in Highland Park.

Featuring the work of painter Mary Lou Schempf the show is made up of landscapes and portraits of dogs many of whom are local to this area.

The show runs from September 18 through November 14 at the gallery.

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