HIGHLAND PARK, NJ—A new art show is on display at the B. Beamsderfer Gallery, located at 6 North Second Avenue in Highland Park.

Featuring the work of painter Mary Lou Schempf the show is made up of landscapes and portraits of dogs many of whom are local to this area.

The show runs from September 18 through November 14 at the gallery.

The pieces make excellent use of light, and invoke and reference the complex emotional states of life, represented in fog rolling over the Hudson Bay or the way the light plays in the clouds over a field of grass.

Mary Lou Schempf has been an avid painter all her life and has worked in the arts doing decorative painting in New York City.

“I’m a big fan of fog and rain. I think there is something wonderful about the light,” said the artist.

The show also reveals the personalities of local dogs, much to the delight of their owners.

“Dogs, I really like as well. I try to get their spirit, they have a wonderful energy.”

“I have to work from photos, the dogs have difficulty staying still, evening getting a good photo is tough.”

The B. Beamesderfer Gallery has been a fixture in Highland Park for over 25 years.

“We focus on the showing artists who produce their own work. We work with everyone from snapshots to major works of art,” said gallery owner Evan Brownstein.

“Evan is so good to work with—he really understands and respects artists and has set up a wonderful gallery space to show artists work.” said Schempf.

“And the frame shop makes beautiful crafted handmade custom frames. It is really a little gem in Highland Park.”

You can see more work by Mary Lou Schempf at her website: marylouschempf.com.