What is Paid Sick Time?

Paid sick time is a New Brunswick law through which workers earn between 24-40 hours of paid sick time off a year.

To qualify for paid sick time you must work at least 20 hours a week in the City of New Brunswick for a business that has five or more full time employees (or full time employee equivalents). Some exceptions may apply

If you work for a staffing agency and the agency provides transportation from New Brunswick to the work site, then you are also eligible for paid sick time.

Three Steps to Success

Follow these three steps if your employer does not comply with the paid sick time law:

  1. Talk to an organization such as
    Unity Square, – 732-545-0530
    New Labor – 732-246-2900
    Esperanza Neighborhood Project – 732-246-0603
  2. Fill out a complaint form.
  3. Win! And exercise your right to paid sick time!

How Can I Use Paid Sick Time?

  • Visit a doctor
  • Take your child to the doctor
  • Take a sick day at home
  • Receive prenatal care

You can also use paid sick time for reasons related to domestic violence, sexual abuse, or stalking.

If you have been working since January 6 of this year, you will be able to use your paid sick time starting on May 5.  We’ll be marking the occasion with a celebration on May 5 at Unity Square (81 Remsen Avenue) at 6PM.  All are invited!