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S&P Downgrades Rutgers’ Credit Rating, Citing Medical School Merger

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Standard & Poor’s ratings agency issued another downgrade to Rutgers University's credit, citing drained financial resources which came as a result of the Rutgers-UMDNJ merger. 

The agency also lowered Rutger's long-term bond and debt ratings one notch from AA- to A+. Among other downgraded ratings were the commercial paper rating, which went from A-1 to A-1+.

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NJ Supreme Court Decision Makes It Easier For Police to Justify Warrantless Vehicle Searches

TRENTON, NJ—The New Jersey Supreme Court handed down a ruling on September 24 that will make it easier for police to search cars without having to first obtain a warrant.

As a result of the 5-2 decision in the case, State v. Witt, New Jersey will revert to standards set in 1981, which would allow the warrantless search of a vehicle if the police had probable cause to believed it contained contraband or evidence of a crime.

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Bikeway Traffic Signal on George Street Leads to Local Tie-Ups

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – Commuters, Rutgers students and residents in have found themselves subject to massive tie-ups on George Street as a result of a recently constructed pedestrian-favored traffic light known as a HAWK signal. 

Rather than the vertical green-yellow-red light that most motorists are accustomed to, the the High-intensity Activated crossWalk (HAWK) signal features two red lights placed horizontally above a single yellow light.

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ProctorTrack Company Releases Statement on Status of Student Data

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Verificient Technologies, the company behind the student-monitoring, anti-cheating software ProctorTrack, finally began to notify Rutgers University students that it had deleted their personal data from spring semester 34 days late, according to a recently-signed contract. 

That data includes video and audio of students taking online exams, as well as personal information about the student and their computer.

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ProctorTrack Company Not Complying With Rutgers Contract

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Verificient Technologies, the company behind the student-monitoring, anti-cheating software ProctorTrack, has not communicated to Rutgers students what the company has done with their personal data. 

As we reported, ProctorTrack uses remote-monitoring technology to collect audio, video, and document the web activity of students as they take the exam. The software also scans the ID, face and knuckles of the student, and takes a voice sample. 

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New Brunswick 2015-2016 School District Academic Calendar

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The new school year for New Brunswick students is set to begin on September 3, and the district's 2015-2016 schedule plans for all schools to be open for 180 days, in accordance with state law.

The schedule includes a nine days off for the winter holiday season, and an eight-day long Spring Break, as well as days off for Labor Day, Columbus Day, Election Day, Veteran's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, and two Jewish holidays.

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ProctorTrack Expands to Two More Academic Departments at Rutgers

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Rutgers University officials confirmed they are expanding the use of a controversial anti-cheating software program, ProctorTrack, to two more of its schools.

Since February, the academic departments in the Mason Gross School of the Arts have been using the software for its online learning programs in Art, Music, Dance, Visual Arts and Theater Arts.