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Rutgers Officials Ban Hoverboards From Campus

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Rutgers officials have placed a temporary ban on hoverboards, citing concerns that the devices have been known to catch on fire.

In a university-wide email sent out earlier this afternoon, William R. Scott, the school's chief of emergency services, wrote that hoverboards may not be "operated, charged or stored" on any Rutgers-owned buildings or properties.

The ban applies to the New Brunswick, Newark and Camden campuses.

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Rutgers Suffers Another Cyberattack

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Rutgers suffered its sixth DDOS attack on the morning of December 24, according to officials from the school's Office of Information Technology.

The attack was targeted primarily against Sakai, an online learning tool which students and professors use to submit assignments, post lectures and class material, take exams and quizzes, and interact with students and professors outside of the classroom.

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RU Student Government Creates Sexual Assault Prevention Committee

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The Rutgers student government, known as the Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA), began holding meetings for the long sought after sexual assault prevention committee on November 5.

The meeting, held as part of the organization's weekly meeting, was reminiscent of a brainstorming session.  The new committee only had three members of its five members present.

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Software Problems Delay NBPA Pilot Program for License Plate Readers

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A pilot program using License Plate Reader (LPR) technology to enforce on-street permit parking in New Brunswick, the first of its kind in New Jersey, was delayed by about a month due to a software "glitch."

Mitch Karon, Executive Director of the New Brunswick Parking Authority (NBPA), said at the board meeting on August 26 that a "small glitch in the computer system" was responsible for the delay.

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Rutgers Student Government Scuttles Bill Targeting Campus Sexual Assault

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On September 24, the Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) voted down a bill that would have created a committee specifically to target the problem of campus sexual assualt. 

Had the bill passed, the committee would have centralized sexual assault advocacy efforts, scoping out tighter relationships with the university's Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance, the Rutgers Title IX Office and the annual Take Back the Night March.