NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Rutgers University has requested slightly over $4.75 billion dollars from the state’s Commission of Capital Budgeting and Planning over the next seven years.

Capital projects are defined as acquisition of new land, new structures and equipment, and other projects whose cost of land, planning, furnishing, and equipment is estimated to be over $50,000. 

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Rutgers University is on the verge of opening a highrise apartment complex for its students at the intersection of College Avenue and Hamilton Street.

"The Yard," as the developer has called the project, is a 220,000 square foot building that surrounds a small park with a large video screen.

This building will follow in the multi-use style of new apartments on the school's Livingston Campus, by featuring retail and public green space along the ground floor of the development.

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Recreation Park, located between Pine and Sandford Streets, and Nichol and Reservoir Avenues, hosted its grand opening on July 28, and is now open daily from sunrise to sunset.

The opening of the park celebrates a long process of planning to refurbish the park, instigated by the Civic League of Greater New Brunswick, which began in 2013.

At the ribbon-cutting event, Mayor Jim Cahill and Civic League President C. Roy Epps spoke to residents and summer camp program members.

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