NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The New Brunswick City Council will introduce a Paid Sick Leave ordinance at its December 2 meeting.

The ordinance will require businesses to provide all full time employees with 40 hours of paid sick leave a year, and all part-time employees with 24 hours a year, in line with almost a dozen other cities in New Jersey.

But it will also include the strongest language yet to deal with temporary agencies, where one in every eight workers are employed.

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Two men have been indicted and another four have pleaded guilty so far in the aftermath of arrests targeting a drug and gun sales network that involved the city's Chief Housing Inspector.

Both Paul Cano, a New Brunswick landlord who owns four rental properties, and Chief Housing Inspector Michael Mahony, have taken deals with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to criminal charges.  But only Cano is expected to go to jail.

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TRENTON, NJ—Margaret Brennan, the longtime Treasurer and Comptroller of the Middlesex County Utilities Authority will continue recieving a pension, even after she was caught stealing $57,000 from the public agency.

The Utilities Authority provides wastewater and solid waste management for most of Middlesex County.

As we reported previously, Brennan pleaded guility to theft and avoided jailtime thanks to a lenient sentence from Middlesex County Superior Court Judge Dennis Nieves.

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Rishi Mathur is a regular performer at local comedy open mic nights, a comedian whose skill set has grown to include performing stand-up as well as creating podcasts and his own shows.

Mathur's  interest in comedy began at a young age.  The comedian, age 26, stated, “When all my friends were out having fun, I was at home glued to the TV and dedicated to the craft. In the eighth grade I would sit in class listening to Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy.”

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ— On November 9, the United States Department of the Interior auctioned off two offshore areas located off the coast of southern New Jersey for sustainable energy purposes.

The said space, some seven nautical miles offshore from Atlantic City, is part of a large project to promote sustainable green energy by U.S. President Barack Obama specifically targeted to "save the health of American families," and boosting the American economy.

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