NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Healogics, Inc, the nation’s leading wound care management company, has given an excellence award to Saint Peter’s University Hospital Wound Care Center and Hyperbaric Services.

The hospital’s Wound Care center is one of only 88 out of the 635 wound care centers in the country to earn this distinction, known as the Robert A. Warriner, MD Center of Excellence Award.

Saint Peter’s Wound Care and Hyperbaric Services in Monroe Township has also been presented with Healogics’ Center of Distinction Award.

These honors recognize the hospital’s excellent standard of care and successful treatment outcomes, according to officials.  The awards take into account patient satisfaction ratings above 92%, healing rates at or above 91%, and a less than 30 day or less median for healing.

Saint Peter’s Wound Care Center in New Brunswick exceeded those marks, with a healing rate of 95.7%, and a patient satisfaction level of 93.9%.

According to Saint Peter’s Wound Care Center’s website, the Center uses an interdisciplinary approach to treating chronic wounds from diabetes, ulcers, radiation, and skin grafts.  

Chronic wounds are different from surgical wounds as they do not heal in an orderly fashion, and can take months to heal.  They can affect a wide varety of patients, and successful treatment of these wounds is important to many medical fields from gerontology to plastic surgery.

Saint Peter’s was also the first local hospitals to offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) services. HBOT treatments help heal chronic wounds by encouraging the growth of new blood vessels, controlling infection, and preserving damaged tissues.

Saint Peter’s has become one of five programs in New Jersey to have its HBOT services receive accreditation from the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society, the association for hyperbaric and dive medicine.

“This accreditation signifies that the highest clinical and safety standards are at the core of services at Saint Peter’s,” hospital spokesperson Phil Hartmann noted in a recent press release.