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Locked Out of Ceremony, Protesters Drown Out Christie in Hub City

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Protesters against police brutality and Governor Chris Christie's decision to dispatch 150 New Jersey State Troopers to Baltimore, Maryland, repeatedly disrupted a high-profile event held on Suydam Street.

What began as heckling turned into more organized chants as the small but growing group spoke from behind a large metal gate taller than all of them.

A small group protesters originally gained access to the event, held in the parking lot of the New Brunswick Counseling Center at 320 Suydam Street.

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Rutgers Computer Networks Crippled by Hacker AGAIN

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Since about 10:21am on April 27, many of the computer networks at Rutgers University have been experiencing outages, apparently the result of yet another cyber-attack on the university.

Students were outraged to find that several services were not working, including wireless internet access, several online learning tools, and even the ability to accept credit and debit cards at some on-campus stores.

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Woman Maced and Robbed by Two Girls Near Livingston Campus

EDISON, NJ—A woman walking near the Treetops Apartments in Highland Park told police she was pushed, sprayed with mace, and robbed near the intersection of Road 1 and Cedar Lane in Edison.

The Rutgers University Police Department (RUPD) is investigating a robbery because the incident technically happened on the fringe of the university's Livingston campus, which is located in Piscataway, and small portions of Highland Park and Edison.

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The Movement For Paid Sick Leave Grows in New Brunswick

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A coalition of community leaders and members from Unity Square, the Esperanza Project, and New Labor have been ramping up pressure on New Brunswick's City Council to pass an ordinance requiring paid sick leave for nearly all employees in the Hub City.

Paid sick leave is time off from work that employees can utilize in order to tend to health and safety concerns, or care for sick children, while still being able to retain their pay and not risk losing their job.

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