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Governor Christie Has No Explanation For His Veto of Restrictions on Drone Surveillance

TRENTON, NJ—Warrantless surveillance by airborne drones, and even unmanned aerial vehicles with weapons attached to them, are still considered legal in New Jersey.

On Tuesday January 21, Governor Chris Christie pocket vetoed the bill that would have put restrictions on the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).  He gave no explanation for his decision.

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Rutgers Transgender Rights Group Fights For More Inclusive Academic Policies

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The start of a new semester can be difficult for any student at Rutgers, but it can be especially troublesome for those in the transgender community.

According to Trans*missions president Jamie DiNicola, to be trans is “not identifying with the gender you were assigned at birth.”

One of the greatest challenges facing the trans community at Rutgers is their inability to use the online learning components of their classes under their preferred name.

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State Theatre Screens Free Movies For Customer Appreciation Day

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The city's historic State Theatre is celebrating their customers with three free movie screenings on Saturday, February 1.

At 10am, the day starts off with the kid-friendly film "Wreck-it-Ralph," an animated comedy about a villain who longs to be a hero and all of his misadventures along the way.

Next is a screening of The Avengers, a movie based off of the Marvel Comic superhero team of the same name.  The Avengers screening begins at 1pm.

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Company Behind New Brunswick Red Light Camera Accused of Bribing NJ Officials

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—New Brunswick's only red light camera, at the corner of Easton Avenue and Park Boulevard, has been operated by an embattled Australian company recently accused of widespread bribery.

The most shocking revelations about RedFlex Systems, came to light last week when a former salesman at the company filed a defamation lawsuit claiming, "RedFlex Board members admitted to engaging in and providing governmental officials with lavish gifts and bribes."

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No Longer Open 24 Hours a Day, FreshGrocer Closes For The First Time

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Residents were disappointed to find the city's newest supermarket, the FreshGrocer, will be no longer be open around the clock.

After more than a year of never closing, even for holidays, the store cut back its hours for the first time on Sunday January 26.

The New Brunswick FreshGrocer store is now open from 7am-10pm every day, according to signs posted in the store.

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