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Rutgers Celebrates Black History by Renaming Three Locations

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—As part of an effort to come to terms with its own history of slavery and discrimination, Rutgers University changed the names of two buildings to honor African Americans with ties to the school community.

The changes, which also included naming a walkway after a slave who helped build the university's administration building, were announced as part of the school's 2017 celebration of Black History Month.

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Shakeup Could Bring Panera Bread to Rutgers Student Centers

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Some members of the Rutgers community were a bit distraught at the beginning of the new semester when they discovered that, after more than two decades on College Avenue, the Au Bon Pain had closed for good.

Luckily for fans of coffee and pastries, the very similar Panera Bread is said to be taking the place of ABP in the near future, according to a January 16 article in the Daily Targum.