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21st Century Cures Act Includes $1 Billion to Fight Opioid Epidemic

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Congressman Frank Pallone Jr., a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, scored a legislative victory when President Barack Obama signed the "21st Century Cures Act" on December 19.

The law, which passed Congress with support from both major political parties, is intended to fund the fight against opioid and heroin abuse, advance medical research in cancer, and progress the efforts in reforming mental health.

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New Walgreens Opens in Saint Peter’s University Hospital

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On July 13, the nation's largest pharmacy chain opened a pharmacy on the ground floor of Saint Peter’s University Hospital in an effort to "improve the care of patients when they are discharged."

The new drugstore provides medications for patients upon their discharge and during the course of their hospitalization, thanks to a program that allows for bedside medication delivery.

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New Jersey Federal Legislators Successfully “Killed the Drill”

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Senators Bob Menendez and Cory Booker, along with the Hub City's Congressman Frank Pallone, were successful in their efforts to persuade the US Department of the Interior to remove the Atlantic Ocean from the "Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program."

The result is that the Jersey Shore will be protected from spills that could hurt both the environment and economy of the state.

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Saint Peter’s Hospital Provides New Hospice Care Program

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Saint Peter’s University Hospital (SPUH) has recently made an agreement with a new provider for adult hospice care.

Officially effective in the beginning of March, Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care of New Jersey began accepting referrals of patients who are eligible for inpatient and outpatient hospice services.

Hospice care is tailored to patients with terminal illnesses such as cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's, end-stage kidney disease and lung disease.

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Federal Legislators Back Campaign to Protect NJ From Offshore Drilling

ASBURY PARK, NJ—New Brunswick's Congressman Frank Pallone Jr., and the state's two US Senators have actively joined in the campaign to fight the oil industry from exploiting the Atlantic Ocean through 0ffshore drilling.

Senators Bob Menendez and Cory Booker rallied in Asbury Park on January 31, along with Congressman Pallone and over 100 local leaders, environmentalists and tourist groups to raise awareness about the negative impacts of drilling in the Atlantic on the economy and environment of New Jersey.