NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–On May 14, a new food place opened in George Street.  Actually two new food places, but who's counting?

Eric Hang, 24, is the manager of Cambo box, which offers "Cambodian inspired sandwiches & rice bowls." Tim Wong, 30, is the manager of Poke Nagomi, which offers customers a chance to "create your own bowl."

Both establishments occupy the space at 342 George Street, previously home to Fiesta Mexican Restaurant.

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TRENTON, NJ—On May 2, the State of New Jersey adopted paid sick leave legislation that is considerably improving the conditions of New Jersey employees.

Paid sick days, also called "earned sick leave," are days employees can take off from work when they are sick or have to take care of a sick family member, while being paid and not being at risk of losing their job. 

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