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Unidentified 21-Year-Old Student From Wayne Hospitalized with Serious Leg Injury Last Wednesday
Scene of RUPD-Pedestrian Accident
A still image captured from a cell phone video posted to the internet after an RUPD cruiser struck a pedestrian. Yfrog

Injured Student Remains at Robert Wood Johnson Univ. Hospital with Leg Injury
New Brunswick Police Mobile Precint
Rutgers says that the New Brunswick police are taking a lead role in the investigation of a pedestrian struck by a RUPD car. Charlie Kratovil

Eyewitness on Twitter: "The Cop was Speeding in the Bus Lane"
Aftermath of College Av. Accident
The scene after a Rutgers police vehicle struck a student pedestrian in front of the Grease Trucks parking lot. Anna Ski

RUPD Officer's Carefully Worded Radio Transmission to Headquarters: "Student Jumped Between Buses And Hit the Patrol Car."
A Rutgers police car struck a pedestrian crossing College Avenue at approximately 5:24pm today. Charlie Kratovil

Four Hospitalized in New Brunswick Accidents Including Two Children
Pedestrian Struck on Hamilton St.
An unidentified woman lies in the street as paramedics care for her after she was hit by a car this afternoon. Michael Shanahan

City Police Responded to Report of a Man Threatening to Blow Up Parking Garage
Ferren Mall
Police responded to an alarming call from the New Brunswick Parking Authority at the Ferren Mall yesterday afternoon. Charlie Kratovil

Police Say Suspect, Who Remains At-Large, Went After His Victims Specifically
New Brunswick's Police Department is investigating another shooting in the city's Second Ward. Charlie Kratovil

Corey Stewart Was Arrested in His Home One Day After He Allegedly Sexually Assaulted an 18-Year-Old Woman During a Break-In
Corey Stewart
Corey Stewart was arrested early Friday morning and charged with aggravated sexual assault on an 18-year-old woman.

Lawsuit: Police Busted Down Wrong Door, Beat 2 Innocent Rutgers Students in Their Home
Police Brutality Victim Jake Kostman
Jake Kostman shows off his injuries from a police beatdown he took when police broke into his apartment at 4:30am. Jake Kostman

Brad Berdel Violated 3 Police Procedures the Night He Killed an Unarmed Man
New Brunswick police vehicle
New Brunswick police officer Brad Berdel has retired, rather than face punishment for violating department procedure. Charles Kratovil