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Chalk Art Festival to Raise Money For Adult Substance Abuse Program
Chalk Art Artist
Highland Park is hosting a "Chalk Art Festival" on Wednesday Highland Park Borough Hall

Defendant Expects 25 Years in Prison After Fatal Robbery, Another Has Ties to MS-13
Enrique Perez Galindo
Enrique Perez Galindo Facebook

Academy Open to Adults Who Live in County and Can Pass a Background Check
Police Training Building
Middlesex County Police Training Center Vanessa Torres

Mickey Vanderpool Begins Serving Eight-Year State Prison Sentence
Mickey Vanderpool
Mickey Vanderpool has been imprisoned after admitting to brutally beating a woman he met in Newark. NJ Dept. of Corrections

Nicholas Schneiderman Also Accused of Insurance Fraud Over Sandy Losses
Nicholas Schneiderman
Nicholas Schneiderman NJ Attorney General's Office

Michael Doce Claimed to Have Mafia Ties to Convince Someone to Commit Murder
Middlesex County Courthouse
Middlesex County Courthouse Charlie Kratovil

Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey Charges Cop, Who is Mayor's Brother
Police brutality victim
This photo of the teenage victim in a hospital was shared widely on social media as word spread about the assault. Monte Stewart

Ally of Mayor Wilda Diaz Indicted on Charges of Stalking and Impersonating Police
Benjamin Ruiz
Benjamin Ruiz preparing to enter the courtroom at his September 2016 trial. Charlie Kratovil

Memorial Day Weekend Marred by Three More Shootings
Somerset Bing Maps