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Charlie is a community organizer in New Brunswick, and a Rutgers journalism graduate. He can be reached at (732) 993-9697 or

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–Police say that a fire on Comstock Street in the Second Ward may have been intentionally set on the night of October 28.

    The incident occurred at 50 Comstock Street, located between Jones and Commercial Avenues, at approximately 9:10pm.

    The home in question is owned by Hedy Tehrani, a Monroe resident who purchased it in 1996 for $99, according to property records.  The home is assessed at $52,200 and the land it is on at $22,500, according to tax records.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—City firefighters rescued an unidentified woman who had become trapped as she climbed up one of the two Route 1 bridges connecting Edison and New Brunswick, according to a report on TapInto New Brunswick.

    The woman was apparently climbing the arches of the Morris Goodkind bridge, which carries cars along Route 1 North over the Raritan River, when the New Brunswick Fire Department (NBFD) recieved a call on October 21.

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    NEWARK, NJ—The federal government charged 21 people, including six New Jersey residents, with serious crimes related to a scheme that they used a made-up university to help more than 1,000 "foreign nationals," mostly from China and India, maintain visas.

    The accused were characterized as "brokers, recruiters, and employers" who engaged in a conspiracy to fraudulently "mantain student and foreign worker visas through a 'pay-to-stay' New Jersey college."

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Local cops are investigating a shooting that took place following a large party in the early morning hours of October 16, according to a report on TapInto New Brunswick.

    According to the report, police said that a vehicle was struck with gunfire near the intersection of Hassart and Welton Streets in the First Ward.  The New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) did not otherwise publicize the incident.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Public records show that a 18-year-old Rutgers student has been charged by campus police with a disorderly persons offense and a petty disorderly persons offense after she allegedly climbed and fell from a new building.

    The future home of a Starbucks coffee shop on College Avenue was the scene of the crime shortly after 2am on September 9, in the strange case where the first-year student resident was injured after climbing up the side of a building located in the courtyard outside her dormitory.

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    CARTERET, NJ—On October 18, authorities including ​Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey and Carteret Police Chief John Pieczyski, finally announced the "fatal beating of a borough man" on Holly Street.

    But those same authorities had kept the fatality a secret for nearly a week, citing only "investigative reasons."

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    SAYREVILLE, NJ—An Old Bridge man was convicted of aggravated manslaughter and a weapons charge on October 14, according to a statement from the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO).

    Robert McGranahan, age 29, was found guilty of fatally stabbing a 63-year-old man in Sayreville, following a jury trial and more than two days of deliberations.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Timothy Puskas, a New Brunswick landlord accused of beating a young man to death on Valentine's Day 2014 has been sentenced in a fatal crash that took the life of Leonel Lopez-Hernandez two years earlier.

    While Puskas was out on bail in the hit-and-run case, he was accused of the brutal murder of Billy McCaw, a college student found dead in a Hartwell Street backyard in February 2014. That case is still pending.

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    CARTERET, NJ--Two men, one from Cartertet and another from Essex County, are headed to state prison for their role in the death of a Maryland man who was visiting relatives in Carteret on April 5, 2013.

    Their victim, Deonte Shackleford, was just 26 years old when he was shot and killed in the borough, during his visit from Baltimore.

    Both 24-year-old Daniel Gillens, of Newark, and 30-year-old Hakeem Mercer, of Carteret, had pleaded guilty to lesser crimes than the ones they had been charged with in a plea deal with prosecutors.

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    JAMESBURG, NJ—Law enforcement officials announced the arrest of a 50-year-old resident of Jamesburg after the man allegedly texted "a lewd photo of himself" to an undercover cop who was pretending to be a 15-year-old girl.

    Linus Germe was arrested and charged on the evening of October 5, according to the official statement from the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO).

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO) issued a press release on September 30 touting three arrests that resulted in the "recovery" of what they claimed was $20,000 worth of heroin, as well as six handguns and a bulletproof vest.

    The official statement claimed the trio was "running a street-level drug sales operation that netted thousands of dollars annually."

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ--A Ford Crown Victoria owned by the New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) crashed into a guardrail before striking a concrete barrier on September 13, sending two officers to the hospital.

    The vehicle, driven by Officer Richard Reed III, "was responding with lights and sirens to a call for assistance from other officers," according to the police report signed by NBPD Sgt. James Hoover.

    The officers' ultimate destination was just a block away: the New Brunswick train station.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The headquarters of the city's housing authority was struck by gunfire on August 31, but that agency's Board of Commissioners refused to acknowledge that fact during their September 28 meeting.

    "We can't comment on any ongoing matters of that type because they're active investigations going on, and cases that the police have brought," said NBHA Executive Director John Clarke, fielding a question about the damage to the building nearly a month later.

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    PISCATAWAY, NJ—Suffering its worst loss in nearly 130 years, the Rutgers University football team struggled for the second week in a row, shut out in their home stadium by a laughably lopsided margin.

    The loss, by a final score of 78-0, was so bad that it raised questions about the school's decision to focus on big-time athletics, including a recent decision to join the "Big Ten" athletic conference.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A new building that Rutgers University officials neglected to realize could easily be climbed by its student body has been modified to make it harder to mount, after an allegedly drunk student was seriously injured in a bad fall.

    "This building is constructed in a manner that would easily allow, and may invite, some individuals to climb on top of it," read an email reported in the student newspaper, the Daily Targum.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On October 5, a grand jury opted to indict 45 individuals and the same number of private companies in connection with an allegedly massive and intricate racket based in Middlesex County.

    Carlos Alcantara, just 26 years old, is accused of being the head of the criminal organization that "fraudulently obtained more than $2 million in U.S. currency and fraudulently wired more than $15 million from victims’ accounts."

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    BENSALEM, PA—A 32-year-old New Brunswick man who previously attended Somerville High School has been sentenced to more than a decade in state prison for turning an out-of-state motel into a brothel where women were paid in heroin or crack cocaine.

    Christopher DeGrasse was arrested on April 5 at the Best Western Motel in the 3400 block of Street Road in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, according to Bucks County authorities.

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    SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ—Local police charged a "home nurse aide" with stealing an electronic tablet and more than $1,000 from an elderly client who lives in the Dayton section of the Township.

    Caitlyn Burton, age 21, surrendered to South Brunswick Police on September 26, and was charged with theft as well as theft of a credit card, and credit card fraud for making twelve cash withdrawals using the victim's credit card between August 8 and August 25. 

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The Hub City's water woes continued over the weekend of September 23-25, as thousands of city residents were forced to boil their water before use or risk their health while crews worked to repair a 20-inch water main that ruptured on a ramp connecting Routes 1 and 18.

    After the main broke, a chunk of the roadway above it collapsed, causing traffic delays amid the Friday rush hour on September 23, and another headache for city's embattled Water Utility.

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    WHITE PLAINS, NY—A local woman with ties to New Brunswick and Manville has been sentenced to three years in federal prison for her role in an out-of-state murder that took place on August 24, 2014.

    Almost two years after the killing, 29-year-old Andrea Beatty, was sentenced by sentenced Judge Kenneth Karas on August 11.

    She pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery, conspiracy to distribute drugs, aiding and abetting a robbery, and aiding and abetting a murder.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A cyclist was injured after being struck by a large Nestlé branded water delivery truck at the corner of Easton Avenue and Hamilton Street on September 23.

    New Brunswick Police confirmed that the female victim was taken to a nearby hospital with "non-life-threatening injuries."

    But five days later, police still declined to give much additional information about the crash, saying the crash was "still under investigation and not yet completed."

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    CARTERET, NJ—Authorities announced they are searching for "one or more individuals" who were involved in a stabbing that killed an 18-year-old Carteret man. 

    The victim, Nelson Delgado, was pronounced dead at 3:08 a.m. on September 20 at University Hospital in Newark.

    Police had been dispatched to the scene of the crime, the corner of Pershing and Pulaski Avenues, where they found the victim at 2:06 a.m.

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    PERTH AMBOY, NJ—A jury seated at the Middlesex County Courthouse decided on September 20 that former Perth Amboy Police Chief Benjamin Ruiz is not guilty of official misconduct, theft of services, and witness tampering.

    Ruiz was potentially facing 5 to 10 years in prison over the allegations that he had gotten police department mechanics to make repairs and enhancements to his private vehicles.  He also faced charges he tried to get a potential witness to alter his side of the story.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ--The county government announced that a raccoon found in the city's Fifth Ward tested positive for rabies, the first rabid animal found in New Brunswick this year.

    "On Saturday, September 17, 2016, the Animal Control Officer for New Brunswick responded to a call concerning a raccoon that was found to be acting strangely in the vicinity of Laurel Place and Somerset Street," reads the announcement from the Middlesex County Office of Health Services.

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    EDISON, NJ—Four Edison police officers, including a Sergeant, resigned and agreed to never hold public jobs in New Jersey ever again as part of a guilty plea in Superior Court.

    At the time the agreement was reached, jury selection was underway for a trial that was sure to attract a lot of publicity.

    The guilty quartet includes Michael Dotro, the troubled 36-year-old Edison police officer who lives in Manalapan, and has been accused of igniting a bomb outside the Monroe Township home of one of his bosses in a separate case.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The city's embattled Water Utility, which also provides drinking water to customers in Milltown and Franklin, has admitted to violating drinking water standards yet again.

    After more than two years without being caught violating state or federal drinking water laws, the city was issued a formal "notice of violation" on August 25, after three of its regular water testing sites were found to have exceeded the allowable amount of a common contaminant.

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    SOMERVILLE, NJ—While a Middlesex County judge is still awaiting the final result of the case against her, the man who she is accused of harboring as a fugitive was convicted of a 2013 armed robbery in Old Bridge.

    The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO) announced the conviction of Jason Prontnicki, who had been accused of robbing the Woods Pharmacy on Texas Road with a "lug wrench" on  April 29, 2013.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A lot has changed since Dharun Ravi was convicted of using his laptop computer to spy on his roommate at Rutgers University, the late Tyler Clementi, during a sexual encounter.

    Clementi took his own life just two days after learning of the incident, where Ravi and another student briefly watched Clementi being intimate with another man by remotely activating his laptop's built-in camera.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On September 15, local police and firefighters recovered a dead body from the Raritan River near "New Brunswick Landing," the city's rarely-used boat docks. 

    It was the second body found just outside the city in just four days.

    The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office has still not identified the individual whose body was found inside a vacant home on Joyce Kilmer Avenue in North Brunswick on September 12.

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    NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ--Authorities announced that "township maintenance workers" had alerted police to an "apparent break-in" at a vacant home somewhere on Joyce Kilmer Avenue, which in turn led them to find a dead body.

    ​Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew C. Carey did not identify the victim, a man whose body was discovered by police the morning of September 12.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A new large-scale development in the Hub City is off to a dangerous start, thanks to a student who was able to climb on top of one of the new buildings recently erected on College Avenue.

    The scene of the incident was the former home of the university's beloved "grease trucks," which were kicked out to make way for the massive 443-bed dormitory.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ--Three of the city's elementary schools had early dismissals on Friday, September 9, as the air temperature exceeded 93 degrees for the first time since August.

    But the district did not thoroughly explain why some of its students were getting an early start to the weekend at first.

    It was only the fourth day of school in the New Brunswick school district, which serves more than 10,000 local children.

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    UPDATE (9/15): Authorities announced that, after "an exhaustive search for defendant Bell" he was arrested in Staten Island with assistance from the New York Police Department.

    FRANKLIN, NJ—Authorities are offering $2,000 in reward money for anyone who can provide "information leading to the whereabouts and arrest of Isaiah J. Bell," according to a statement released by the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office (SCPO).

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Rutgers students were unable to use non-Rutgers websites and online services via the school's wireless internet networks on the first day of classes this year, thanks to yet another cyberattack.

    Similarly, those outside the school were unable to access Rutgers websites during a window of time that the massive network was breached.

    The Daily Targum's Nikilesh De broke the story on September 6, the same day that the attack caused major inconveniences for at least a half-hour.

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    MILLTOWN, NJ--A home in the quiet borough of Milltown erupted in flames in the early-morning hours of September 4.

    Karen Piciullo, the 50-year-old homeowner, was charged the following day with aggravated arson and criminal mischief, according to a press statement from the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO).

    "The fire destroyed the entire 1 ½-story house and resulted in the death a dog," read the statement.

    The MCPO statement indicated that Piciullo started the blaze at about 5:24am.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Students at Rutgers University had yet to attend their first classes of the semester before they received their first crime alert, documenting an armed robbery of students.

    According to the alert issued at 11:32am on Labor Day, the New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) is looking into an armed robbery that occurred the night before in the parking lot of the city's only major department store.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Rutgers cops, city police, and the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO) have all been investigating Demetrius Lee, who has been charged with multiple crimes in the same area of the Hub City.

    Lee, a 33-year-old man who lives in an apartment on Elizabeth Street in Newark, has been charged with trying to kill two members of the same family on different dates in August, at the same street corner.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ--Two young men were shot in the parking lot of a supermarket on August 31 at approximately 11:15 am according to a press release from the New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD).

    While the suspects fled on foot, the victims fled the scene as well, apparently in a vehicle that ended up crashing just a stone's throw away from the entrance to a hospital emergency room. 

    It's at least the second shooting to take place in the supermarket parking lot in the past year.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On September 1, a Highland Park man was sentenced to serve 64 years in state prison for shooting and robbing a 22-year-old New Brunswick resident more than three-and-a-half years ago.

    Lewis C. Hooper, age 32, was sentenced by Superior Court Judge Alberto Rivas at the Middlesex County Courthouse for his role in the crime.

    "As a persistent offender, [he] must serve 85 percent of the term before he can be eligible for parole," according to a press release from the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO).

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    METUCHEN, NJ—A grand jury in New Brunswick has indicted a Metuchen woman on charges of poisoning a man who was hospitalized, but since has recovered.

    Theresa Freis, age 44, allegedly administered "clonazepam or a benzodiazepine or benzodiazepines" to a man who authorities did not identify on May 25 somewhere in Metuchen, according to a statement from the office of Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A child molester is on the loose in Highland Park, according to authorities, who asked for the public's help in solving a troubling crime in the borough.

    ​Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew C. Carey and Chief Stephen J. Rizco of the Highland Park Police Department (HPPD) issued a joint statement on August 29 that described an incident where an 11-year-old girl was " improperly touched" by an unidentified man on the South side of town.

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    UPDATE: This article has been corrected to reflect Julio Perez's employer was JP Installations.

    EDISON, NJ--On August 27, 36-year-old Julio Perez died after an accident at the NU World Beauty Supply warehouse on Mill Road in Edison's Heller Industrial Park.

    Perez, a New Brunswick resident with Guatemalan roots, was killed at 4:15 p.m. "when a section of steel scaffolding accidentally collapsed inside the warehouse," according to a statement released by the Township.

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    WOODBRIDGE, NJ—On August 14, at the Annual India Day parade, a member of the Asian Indian community was sworn in to serve the Fourth Ward on the Township Council for the first time in history.

    Woodbridge is the state's sixth-largest muncipality by population, with just over 100,00 residents, a quarter of which are of Asian descent.

    The Fourth Ward includes the Iselin and Menlo Park Terrace sections of the Township, home to a large concentration of Asian Indians.

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    SAYREVILLE, NJ--The Middlesex County Utilities Authority's seven-member board has a new member, as of August 18, when the Board of Chosen Freeholders approved the nomination of Robert Diehl.

    Diehl, an Edison Councilman, replaces Robert Karabinchak on the powerful board, which controls the county's landfill and sewer systems in portions of three different counties.

    Karabinchak left the authority's board to become a New Jersey Assemblyman earlier this year.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On August 14, outside the Key Food supermarket, cops arrested a woman from North Brunswick after searching a vehicle with several smashed windows.

    More than a half-dozen officers were seen questioning a pair of young people, and aggressively searching damaged vehicle.

    It wasn't totally clear what was going on, but apparently it all began with "reports of gunshots and a fleeing vehicle," according to the New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD).

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    SAYREVILLE, NJ—An emergency medical technician was charged with sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child after an August 17 incident in Sayreville, according to authorities.

    The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO) announced the arrest in a statement that included a photo of the accused, Christopher P. McHugh, a resident of the Parlin section of Sayreville.

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    WOODBRIDGE, NJ—The state's sixth-largest municipality nearly passed a measure that banned residential rentals less than 30 days in an apparent attempt to halt private citizens from renting out rooms using websites like Airbnb.

    The Woodbridge Township Council voted unanimously to pass the ordinance on "first reading," scheduling the final reading and public hearing on the proposal for August 9.

    But after a journalist reached out to the Township and to Airbnb, the ordinance was pulled from the Council's agenda 

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On August 7, a Rutgers University police officer arrested a man and a woman "on charges of lewdness, trespassing, and engaging in an act of prostitution," according to the response to a public information request.

    Both of the people arrested, a 45-year-old woman and a 33-year-old man, hail from New Brunswick.  They were both released "on their own recognizance."

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    PERTH AMBOY, NJ—​On August 17, a Perth Amboy man admitted to fatally stabbing another city resident in October 2014, and agreed to a plea deal that will likely put him behind bars for three decades. 

    Wilbert Hernandez, age 36, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, admitting he "fatally stabbed" 35-year-old Ramon Lugo on October 14, 2014, according to a press release from the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO).

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—City police are investigating an incident where two people were gunned down outside of a convenience store on Throop Avenue on August 22.

    The New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) announced that a 43-year-old man and a 23-year-old woman, both from New Brunswick, had been critically injured in the shooting, which occurred around 9pm.

    The man was shot in the lower back and the young woman shot in the chest, according to the statement.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ--Most of the county's voters will have a real choice in this November's round of school board elections, according to petitions filed with the County Clerk's Office.

    In addition to electing the nation's next President on November 8, most New Jerseyans will also be asked who should serve on their school board.

    In fact, every Middlesex County municipality except New Brunswick will hold school elections that day.  Hub City is one of the few communities in the state that hold its school elections in April.

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    PERTH AMBOY, NJ--An investigation by the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office Special Investigation Unit and the Franklin Township Police Department has yielded two arrests in an alleged credit card scheme.

    A 37-year-old Perth Amboy woman "fraudulently credited numerous credit cards belonging to relatives and friends," according to Somerset County authorities.

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    TRENTON, NJ—It's been hard to keep track of when Perth Amboy has been planning to hold its next school board election, as warring factions within the Bay City fought over the election date during a rollercoaster of a year.

    At several points in 2016, Perth Amboy's school district looked like it was going to be among the select few communities in the state with April school elections.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—At some point on Thursday, August 10, somewhere on a three-block stretch of Sandford Street, city police arrested 32-year-old New Brunswick resident Jamaal Edwards on multiple charges.

    According to New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) spokesperson Captain JT Miller, the arrest was "in regards to the theft of a motor vehicle on Somerset Street."

    Police pursued Edwards in a "high-speed chase," according to one source, and it's not clear how the pursuit came to an end.

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    MONROE, NJ—At about 10am on August 10, a 2-year-old developmentally disabled girl was found in the shoulder of a busy road by a "good samaritan," according to the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO).

    She had apparently wandered away from the Remsterville Learning Center, located on Prospect Plains Road in Monroe.

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    EDISON,  NJ—Emile Constable Jr., a 25-year-old resident of Edison was indicted by a grand jury sitting in New Brunswick for his role in distributing heroin that killed another man, according to prosecutors.

    Prosecutors say that the man sold 10 one-gram bags of heroin to the dead man, identified as 23-year-old Edison resident Aniq Ali in the first of two press releases issued by the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO) on the subject.

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    UPDATE (8/19): New Brunswick Today has learned the identity of the deceased man, James M. Wittkopp.  The MCPO did not respond to our request to confirm this.

    SPOTSWOOD, NJ—The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO) announced that a man "sustained major burns in a car fire" on August 8.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A 52-year-old plumber, and relative to several prominent private landlords in New Brunswick, has been arrested on theft charges, but what he allegedly stole might surprise you.

    On August 5, the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO) announced that Fady Chedid had been charged with the theft of a century-old house in the Sixth Ward of New Brunswick.

    Chedid faces two counts of theft and spent four nights in county jail, with a $50,000 bail.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A gated community in the city's Fourth Ward was the scene of a stabbing that went unpublicized by the city's police department.

    A 16-year-old was injured in the incident, which occurred at around midnight on the evening of Friday, August 5 somewhere inside the gates of the Hampton Club.

    Sources told New Brunswick Today that the stabbing took place in the clubhouse within the 312-unit condominium complex, but police did not immediately confirm the exact location.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A police SUV driven by an officer with just over a year on the job was struck by a Hyundai Sonata driven by a 23-year-old Lawrenceville man shortly before 1am on July 3, according to a police report.

    The crash, which occurred at the corner of Jones Avenue and Seaman Street caused "major damage" to both vehicles and sent New Brunswick police officer Eric Martinez to the hospital.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—After less than 17 months in operation, the Puerto Rican Action Board (PRAB) will close the childcare center it opened inside the Tabernacle Baptist Church on George Street.

    Calling it a "difficult decision" to close the facility, the social services non-profit said that "despite widespread promotion of the program... PRAB was unsuccessful in meeting the enrollement to ensure program viability."

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    TOMS RIVER, NJ—A Thurday evening crash that claimed the life of a 26-year-old motorcyclist in Toms River was the first in a flurry of fatal crashes throughout Central New Jersey.

    According to published reports, Zachary Kane died in the hospital following the crash that ocurred at 10:14pm on August 4.

    All told, at least six men and one woman died in crashes during a four-day period in Central Jersey.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Somewhere on Remsen Avenue, city police were investigating a domestic violence assault involving "an edged weapon" starting at 11:50am on Sunday, August 7.

    But that was about all they were willing to say about the incident, in addition to confirming that an unidentified suspect was "apprehended," and that the unidentified victim "sustained injuries that were not life-threatening."

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    EDISON, NJ--On August 2, retired Edison Police Department (EPD) Captain Natale Fresco pled guilty to a third-degree charge of theft by unlawful taking in connection with charges he was working a private job while using up his remaining sick days before quitting the police job.

    They are two things that many police officers do--working side jobs, and using up weeks or months worth of sick time on their way out the door.  But when the two practices are simultaneous, it's illegal, according to the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO).

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    HIGHLAND PARK, NJ—A 20-year-old resident of South Adelaide Avenue was arrested and charged with starting the fire that damaged the three-floor rooming house where he lived.

    One resident told NBToday that Michael Henderson, the young man charged with starting the blaze, had moved into the home about two months prior.

    According to a statement from the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office, Henderson was charged with a second degree count of aggravated arson.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—City police are investigating what residents believe to be a stabbing near Bergen Court, in one of the city's public housing projects on July 26.

    According to the New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD), a 28-year-old man from Bound Brook "sustained non-life threatening injury to his lower back from a cutting instrument" at about 3:27pm.

    Police said that the victim was transported from the Schwartz-Robeson public housing complex to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The name Diahlo Grant is still ringing out across the New Brunswick and Franklin communities, more than three months after his death at the hands of police officers.

    Grant's family members, local community leaders, and other concerned residents took to the streets twice in July to raise awareness about the case.

    The notoriously secretive Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO), and its controversial leader Andrew Carey, are in charge of investigating Grant's death.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—In a disturbing display of physical aggression by a Rutgers University staff electrician, a grown man ran towards a college student, grabbing him and wrapping his arm around the student's neck at the school's Board of Governors meeting on July 20.

    The powerful 15-member board was about to vote on a 1.7% increase in tuition, one that the school had not publicized, leaving students and parents to wonder exactly how much of an increase was on the way.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—In just nine months, the New Brunswick Housing Authority (NBHA) issued more than 150 "improper parking fines" totalling $6,300 to the low-income tenants in its oldest housing project.

    In a scheme uncovered by New Brunswick Today, the city's public housing agency was, more often than not, charging double the amount allowed under tenant leases.

    All of the violations were issued to tenants in the 260-unit Schwartz Homes and Robeson Village public housing complex in the city's Fourth Ward.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Andrew Carey was not happy to run into a reporter, especially this one, on June 16.

    Armed with a digital camera, New Brunswick Today was actively recording Carey's walk down College Avenue to his illegally-parked, county-owned sport utility vehicle.

    This reporter asked the county's top law enforcement officer (LEO) if he had any response to NBToday's coverage of his own financial disclosure forms.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK,NJ—Two people died when a vehicle that may have been racing on Route 18 lost control, and crashed into the Raritan River near the Northeast Corridor railroad viaduct on July 25.

    The crash happened at about 12:56am, just across the highway from the worldwide headquarters of Johnson & Johnson.

    Shortly thereafter, ambulances and firefighters were looking for the vehicle in the woods between the highway and the river, according to emergency radio transmissions.

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—City police detectives are investigating an "aggravated assault" that allegedly occurred on July 23 at a house party on Huntington Street, according to a crime alert issued by Rutgers University.

    Around 11pm, a fight broke out at the party, which was held inside a residence near Buccleuch Park, St. Peter's University Hospital, and the Bank of America on Easton Avenue.

  • Photo Credit: Facebook

    WOODBRIDGE, NJ—According to 48-year-old comedian Carlo Bellario, he was just an actor filming an independent movie and holding a harmless prop.

    The plot of the movie was fictional: "A group of DEA agents go undercover as security for a city casino where they uncover ties between Colombian drug dealers and an underground narcotics operation by casino security."

  • Photo Credit: Bing Maps

    EXIT 12, NJ—During the early morning hours of July 18, police found a parked car on or near the New Jersey Turnpike that contained the body of Pablo Caamano, a 33-year-old man from Bayonne who authorities say had been stabbed to death by a woman that he knew.

    Authorities believe that 32-year-old Amarlis Calderon, a pedestrian who Caamano had picked up in Woodbridge, was responsible for the murder.

  • Photo Credit: Jason Liebman

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—One of the city's nine Board of Education members abruptly resigned on July 19, taking some observers by surprise.

    Franchesca Fowler, an attorney first appointed to the board in May 2012, announced her resignation from the board and left within the first few minutes of their public meeting.

    "With a heavy heart today, I am resigning from the Board of Education. I want to thank my fellow board members for their guidance and support in my decision to resign," began Fowler.

  • Photo Credit: Bing Maps

    UPDATE (7/26): NBPD announced that it identified and arrested three suspects in this case, including the two men who allegedly robbed the victim and "the driver of the getaway vehicle."

    Dauri Cabrera, a 19-year-old man from New Brunswick, was arrested over the weekend of July 23 and charged with armed robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, unlawful possession of a weapon, and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

  • Photo Credit: Bing Maps

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A woman affiliated with Rutgers University suffered "minor injuries" when she refused to comply with an armed robber who approached her on Comstock Street, according to a Rutgers University crime alert.

    The New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) are now investigating the incident, along with another knifepoint robbery that occurred just a few minutes later on the other side of the city.

  • Photo Credit: CBS New York

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A downtown burglary that occurred in broad daylight on July 18 is actually at least the fourth burglary to take place at a Rutgers building during a three-week period.

    All four burglary cases are listed as "Open/Pending" in the Rutgers University Police Department (RUPD) daily crime and fire safety log.

  • Photo Credit: UHaul

    EDISON, NJ--A 57-year-old Pennsylvania man was charged with "death by auto" for causing the death of an Edison resident on April 5, according to a press release from the ​Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO).

    The announcement came on July 13, more than three months after the three-vehicle crash that killed 33-year-old Marcus Scroggins.

  • Photo Credit:

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Two city employees were arrested on charges of "theft by extortion" on the morning of July 19, according to a press release from the New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD).

    Tyrone Brown, age 46, and Traquan Newsom, age 31, have been suspended from their jobs as sanitation workers within the city's Department of Public Works, according to the release.

    In a bizarre incident on July 18, the two men allegedly stole three bottles of water from the Gaby's Bakery location on Joyce Kilmer Avenue at about 9:10am.

  • Photo Credit: Sig Sauer

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On June 15, the City Council voted unanimously to approve the police department's purchase of 170 handguns.

    The New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) was authorized to spend up to $46,930 on the weapons, which are being purchased from Atlantic Tactical, Inc., a Franklin-based company that also provides police uniforms.

    "It's to replace all of the sidearms that the officers carry today," said Captain JT Miller, who said the department will get a credit for trading in their current guns.

  • Photo Credit:

    DUNELLEN, NJ—The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO) has taken over an investigation into a drive-by shooting that injured two men at about 6:30pm on July 10.

    The men were gunned down outside of the "Arts Annex," a rental hall that once served as a local Elks lodge in Dunellen, located at the intersection of North Washington Avenue and Front Street.

    The shooter or shooters remain on the loose, while the victims were taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick for treatment.

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Benjamin S. Bucca, a New Brunswick Democrat, was recently nominated by Republican Governor Christopher J. Christie to be a Superior Court judge, despite a pattern of not recognizing when he has a conflict of interest.

    If approved by the State Senate Judiciary Committee, and the full State Senate, Bucca would go from being a local land use lawyer who just lost most of his public pension, to securing a seven-year term for the $165,000 per year judge job.

  • Photo Credit: City of New Brunswick

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On July 12, the city's Planning Board is set to hear a presentation on the government's plans to redevelop the Ferren Mall and parking garage, which currently occupies two of the prime blocks of real estate in the Hub City's downtown.

    The meeting will be held at 7:30pm on the top floor of City Hall in New Brunswick, and members of the public will have an opportunity to ask questions or make comments.

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—About five hours after the city's official fireworks celebration came to an end, gunfire rang out just a few blocks away, leaving one man injured from broken glass.

    Police confirmed that "gunshots were fired" on July 4 at approximately 2:30 am in the area of Building 3 at the New Brunswick Apartments.

    Tabernacle Way separates the apartments from the Riverside public housing complex in the city's First Ward.

  • Photo Credit:

    SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ—A teacher who previously taught in Sayreville before joining the staff at South Plainfield High School was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child on June 27, according to authorities.

  • Photo Credit: DEVCO

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—James Cahill still has two and a half years left in his unprecedented seventh term as Mayor, but he is hoping to have a big announcement soon regarding one of the largest redevelopment projects in the city's history.

    Ferren Mall, the publicly-owned, contaminated, and abandoned mall and parking deck has sat vacant for years while the powers that be have attempted to recruit investors and potential office tenants.

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Breaking from his previous practices, the spokesman for the city's police deparment has refused to identify the perpetrator of an apparent domestic violence assault on June 26.

    New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) Captain JT Miller confirmed that there was indeed an assault that night at approximately 11:30pm.  But he said little else about the incident, even though the police were involved.

  • Photo Credit: Google Maps

    PERTH AMBOY, NJ-- Middlesex County's prosecutor Andrew Carey announced the arrest of a man who allegedly made an online threat "to destroy the Perth Amboy police headquarters" on June 21.

    Rolando Medina, a 30-year-old resident of the Bay City, was arrested and held on $2,500 bail, according to authorities.  He faces a charge of "cyber harassment."

  • Photo Credit: Google Maps

    SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ--Local police credited a bystander and two of their own officers with "taking quick actions to save a 3 year old from drowning," according to a Nixle alert issued by the South Brunswick Police Department (SBPD).

    The incident occurred at about 6:45pm on June 19, and involved a three-year-old boy from East Brunswick who nearly drowned after falling to the bottom of an in-ground pool behind a residence on Route 1 near Whispering Woods Boulevard.

  • Photo Credit: Google Maps

    EDISON, NJ—Police are searching for a "gunman" wanted in connection with the shooting of a 29-year-old man at about 12:45am on June 21, according to a press release from the Edison Police Department (EPD).

    The incident occurred in the parking lot outside the Kilmer Homes Apartments, a new affordable housing complex that opened in South Edison last year.

    A spokesperson for the Township confirmed that police were still searching for the gunman as of June 28, one week after the shooting.

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On June 25, more than 100 community members marched in solidarity with the people of one of Mexico's poorest states, Oaxaca, following a deadly police crackdown, the latest conflict between the federal government and the state's teachers.

    Teresa Vivar, the leader of Lazos America Unida and one of the march's organziers, said she is concerned for the people of Oaxaca, which is her homeland, and that of many other New Brunswickers.

  • Photo Credit: Bing Maps

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—City police are investigating a double-stabbing that injured one man and a 17-year-old juvenile on June 23.

    The incident occurred at about 9pm inside a home on Comstock Street, but cops refuse to identify the victims, who are also suspects because they allegedly stabbed one another.

    "The identity of the second individual is being withheld as its release could compromise the identity of the juvenile," said New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) Captain JT Miller.

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The poorly-worded announcement of a police training exercise was cause for brief but severe alarm on the part of the campus community thanks to a frightening text message sent en masse by the university.

    "Armed suspect in area of alexander library," the strange message read.  "Seek a safe space and shield/secure your location TEST TEST."

    It wasn't until almost ten minutes later that the university corrected the record, utilizing two follow-up messages in an attempt to clear up the confusion.

  • Photo Credit:

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Elaine Flynn, an Old Bridge resident serving in her fifth term as the elected Middlesex County Clerk, will be speaking at the community room of the city's public library, located at 60 Livingston Ave., on June 22 at 5pm.

    "The meeting will commence with a lecture by Elaine Flynn, Middlesex County Clerk," reads an announcement from the Friends of the Public Library.  The remarks will focus on the topic, “Elections: The Importance of Your Vote.”

  • Photo Credit: Bing Maps

    UPDATE (7/1): SBPD produced the crash report identifying the victim as Denise Phipps of Monmouth Junction, and the driver as Robert Owens IV of Piscataway.

    SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ--Local police used their Nixle emergency alert system to inform the public of an fatal crash that occurred on Route 1 on the night of June 16.

  • Photo Credit: ESPN

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ--On April 22, Rutgers quietly paid $300,000 in funds obtained from students and taxpayers to settle a federal lawsuit filed against it, and several of its employees, back in December 2013.

    The lawsuit was brought by Derrick Randall, a learning disabled basketball player who claimed that the university's former head basketball coach "chronically and heinously targeted and abused [him], both physically and psychologically."

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    PERTH AMBOY, NJ--Score one for the Bay City's embattled police department.

    ​Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey, its top law enforcement official credited the Perth Amboy Police Department (PAPD) with initiating an investigation that led to 24 arrests.

  • Photo Credit: BGIA

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The city government renewed two contracts with its insurance brokers, Aetna and Cigna, and the two brokers who manage the deal, including one who recently changed their name and another known for frequently donating to Democrats.

    Business & Government Insurance Agency (BGIA), and Public Synergies Group were the brokers awarded contract renewals at the June 1 City Council meeting.

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    SAYREVILLE, NJ--​Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey announced on June 13 that a 20-year-old man had been arrested and charged with murder in the fatal shooting of his father three days earlier.

    Vishal Shah, age 20, also faces charges of unlawful possession of the weapon, and hindering his own apprehension by "hiding the gun that was used," according to Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO) statement.