PISCATAWAY, NJ—A contemporary drama set during that transitional period when the baby boomers yielded to Generation X, made its debut at the famed Actors Theater of Louisville.

Taking place in suburban New York, “Dinner with Friends” has no trouble bringing to the surface the trauma couples experience when their best friends decide it’s time to lawyer up and divide property.

Food writers Gabe and Karen are hosting another one of their dinners for Beth and Tom, but Tom is noticeably absent.

After vailed excuses fail, Beth reveals to her best friends that the bond between these two couples is about to disintegrate since she and her husband Tom are divorcing.

What ensues is a theatrical night of accusations and counter-accusations all told through Mr. Margulies’ caustic and direct dialogue, which culminates in a fierce argument between Tom and Beth.

Kirk White, Heidi Carter Hart, Patrick Andrae and Brett Sabo all gave solid performances, as secret desires, disappointment, and unrequited feelings are quickly–for the sake of relationships–repressed again.

Tom Frascatore’s direction was impressive and he made it clear that these two couples, one divorcing, and one remaining married, needed to reevaluate, themselves, their relationships and each other.

One issue was with the theatre itself.  Circle, because of the constraints of its stage does sometimes create problematic sight lines for both the director and the audience.

The bedroom confrontation between Beth and Tom, an integral component of this drama was difficult to be seen and had to be listened to.

Some things just can’t be helped.

For more information about tickets and times for this well-crafted drama please visit www.circleplayers.org

Reporter at New Brunswick Today