NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–Since their first 2011 album release, “Sucker Punch Gospel,” the local favorite Fuse has been setting precedence for the latest in DIY-style hip hop.

Their most recent endeavors involve preparations to launch a live album, as well as to put out a film featuring a live performance in Brooklyn venue Littlefield from October 16-17.  They hope to raise money to produce these two features as well as to offer rewards to contributors through a Kickstarter campaign.

On June 6, Fuse will be performing at The Old Bay, a New Orleans-style bar and restaurant at the corner of Church and Neilsen Streets.

By endorsing Fuse’s Kickstarter page, “Rise Together! Live!,” supporters may opt to pay a certain amount of money in order to receive rewards from the band, ranging from free music, access to one of the two shows being filmed, and even the chance to book the band to play in the city of your choosing.

Each song Fuse puts out has its own old-school style hip hop beats and samples with the blaring drums and guitars reminiscent of bands such as Rage Against the Machine and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, in addition to a socio-political sense of purpose that has always been at the core of much of contemporary underground hip-hop.

This can be seen in the raw, hard-hitting authenticity that many artists who’ve emerged from Brooklyn inspire within much of Fuse’s lyrical style.

The band is fronted by MC Silent Knight, who was discovered when two brothers from Belgium, “X (guitar) and Toast (Bass) began to collaborate with underground hip-hop MCs.”

Since then, lead singer K-Dez has incorporated soul vocals to accompany both Silent Knight and Soul Qloc, further extending the reach fuse has into the many genres it touches upon in each new piece written.

The musicianship and energy Fuse brings forward in every venue they book truly defines The Band Called Fuse as a group of artists meant to be heard live.

As they state in their Kickstarter, they hope that through their constant presence within underground hip hop scenes combined with the unique musicianship that they put forward they will be able to further encourage greater development of original and independent hip hop in a positive community.

Their style reflects the need many hip-hop heads perceive for there to be greater support for a community surrounding contemporary hip-hop at its roots, which Fuse hopes to continue to proliferate with each performance and album they put into motion.