NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On May 9, New Brunswick’s The Do Rights will be performing at The Old Bay, a French Creole and Cajun-style restaurant and bar known for hosting live music.

Since forming in 2010, the band has undergone many developmental changes since their inception as an instrumental funk group, through lineup changes such as such as the addition of singer Rolonda Franklin.

Like many New Brunswick bands, their popularity grew through taking part in the collective underground music scene found in house parties, basement shows, and music venues.

The Do Rights have seen success both as a local band as well as through constantly touring the tri-state area at outdoor music festivals. The Do Rights have begun work in the studio, and have released the first of many installments online.

The majority of the members, through their own experience as songwriters of different genres, cultivate a sound that fuses an embellishing classic jazz brass section with layered undertones of funk, electronic music, soul, and reggae.

With eight members of unique musical backgrounds each contributing their songwriting styles, The Do Rights have an ever-present versatility within the styles of music they encompass.

Though no song can be pinned down to any one genre, listeners can enjoy solos broken up by a big-band influence that fills the entire room, and an upbeat sound distinct to funk and latin styles.

The set lists also include many classic covers each with genre fusion techniques to provide a new take on the sounds of artists such as James Brown and Fela Kuti.

The Do Rights’ regularly perform at other downtown venues such as Destination Dogs and World of Beer.  At every show, they bring a hard-to-find, distinct sound no matter what room they are in.