NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—“Earth Mothers,” a new exhibit at the Alfa Art Gallery, opened to the public last Thursday and will remain open until October 26 held at their location in downtown: 108 Church Street.

The new exhibit represents an impressive accomplishment for New Brunswick’s art scene.  It features a diverse display of sculptures and photographs that line the walls, each one expressing the duality of nature, in the Art Nouveau style.

Art Nouveau focuses on harmonizing imperfection to compliment perfection, and can be full of both wonderous fantasy and familiar realism.   Each piece is distinct, but yet obviously part of the big picture.

“Earth Mothers” was curated by Sara Berry, who enlightened visitors as to what to make of it all.

The gallery has celebrated the wisdom of art and its educators since 2008, introducing new artists who have come to broaden the horizon of New Brunswick.

Janet Rolnik’s “Yellow Light” combines a welded stained glass window with a nature-inspired ceramic sculpture.

Colleen Gahrmann’s “Seven Sins” consists of a black vanity decorated with earthen tone ceramics.  Resting on the vanity, a pocketwatch left haphazardly in the center recalls an old traditional spirituality.

Jamie Cream’s photography pulled together a view of an antique-looking “Wooden Shutter.”  Although the shutter’s hinge appears fuctional, her work focused on how time takes a toll on us all.