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Social Justice

Family Planning Coverage Could Be Under Attack If Republicans Repeal Obamacare
Women's March
Womens March On Washington - January 21, 2017

Collaboration to Offer Clinical Support and Resources for Families with Autistic Adults
DJFF Event
The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Trustees with Dean Cathryn Potter & The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Adult Autism Fellows Fiddle Foundation

Mass Protests in NB Show Student Movement Support For Immigrants Rights
Anti-Trump protest
The massive protest began with this rally at the Voorhees Mall on Rutgers' College Avenue campus. Charlie Kratovil

Deer Populations Are Self-Regulating So Hunting Leads to More Procreation
White-tailed deer
White-tailed doe Scott Bauer

undocuRutgers Provides Info to Undocumented Students Looking to Access Higher Ed
undocuRutgers logo
undocuRutgers has teamed up with the Center for Latino Arts & Culture to host a college fair for undocumented students. Facebook

Brought to You by PRAB, Unity Square, New Labor, & Esperanza Neighborhood Project
Elisabeth Graham

Ballot Question Called Off After Working Families Alliance Pulls Petition
September 6 meeting
A public hearing on proposed changes to the city's paid sick leave law attracted a crowd to the September 6 City Council meeting Hallel Yadin

Key Decision Goes Against Township's Methodology For Calculating Their Obligation
Judge Wolfson
Judge Dougals Wolfson

Homelessness Decreased 24% in Middlesex County Since Last Year, Hitting 5-Year Low
Elijah's Promise
The building that houses the Elijah's Promise soup kitchen has been the epicenter of the homeless community for decades. Charlie Kratovil

Diahlo Grant Was Killed by Cops on April 9, Mass Protests on July 8 and July 21 Called on Prosecutor Andrew Carey to Provide Answers and Name The Officers Involved
Protest March
Diahlo Grant protest Charlie Kratovil