NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) is investigating a shooting that injured a 23-year-old male during the early morning hours of June 8.

This was apparently the first in a series of shootings that occurred on Throop Avenue near Delavan Street.

According to a video from a security camera, a man wearing a gray hoodie opened fire on a vehicle at 12:51 A.M as it backed up on Delavan Street.

According to residents, the shootings are becoming very frequent in the summer months.

“They are typical gunshots… I sleep through it,” said one teenager who lives a few steps away from where at least two of the shootings occurred.

A few days after the June 8 incident, another shooting occurred at the same location two days later.

In that incident, residents said a Hispanic man who was driving a vehicle opened fire before taking off. No one was injured during this shooting, and the NBPD did publicize the incident.

Following this second shooting, a third shooting occurred a few blocks away on Commercial Avenue at about 5 am on June 11.

The shooting occurred just steps away from the Paul Robeson School, which is currently under construction.

During this shooting, it’s unknown if anyone was arrested or injured. Again, police did not publicize the incident or provide information about it to New Brunswick Today.

Nevertheless, local police were heard calling the area a “hot zone,” and authorities have apparently increased patrols in the Second Ward neighborhood, but residents say the crime has only increased.

This is the same area where a 30- year-old man was stabbed during a birthday party in April, as well as a previous shooting that left two residents critically injured last summer.

It was later revealed that the person arrested in connection with that shooting had allegedly tried to kill someone at the same intersection two weeks prior, using his vehicle as a weapon.

As for the 23-year-old city resident shot on June 8, police didn’t identify the victim but said that he suffered a gunshot to his buttocks, and was transported to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital with "non-life-threatening injuries."

Police ask anyone with information regarding that incident to call Detective Erika DiMarcello at (732) 745-5217.

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