NEW BRUNSWICK NJ—A teenager is in serious condition after being struck by a vehicle in a crosswalk near his school on Wednesday, November 30 at around 2:45PM.

According to a witness at the scene, “people were gathering at 4th and 5th street as emergency services were arriving,” near the Greater Brunswick Charter School (GBCS).

The victim is 14-year-old Christian Jimenez, an 8th-grade GBCS student. Melanie Arent, the creator of the GoFundMe was his teacher in pre-kindergarden.

Christian was described by family members and his former teacher as  a nice, well-mannered boy, and as one of the oldest in his 6 member family.

“Christian is the light of their lives,” reads the GoFundMe page, where more than 140 people have contributed in excess of $6,800 to support his family.

Christian currently remains at the Robert Wood Johnson Children’s Hospital in a coma, where his parents and family have not left his side since the horrible incident.

“We are praying a  lot for a miracle,” said his father Eliseo Jimenez.

Donations are being accepted as “His parents are in the midst of a great financial burden because they have not left his bedside or their other children.” said the GoFundMe page. 

It’s unknown if the driver or any other persons involved in this crash suffered any injuries or faces any charges. “The driver remained on the scene, that’s all the police told me…that’s all I know,” said the victims’ father.

“I don’t know how the incident exactly occurred so I can’t tell you… the police have not told me anything” when asked if he knew anything about the driver.

Similarly, New Brunswick Police dismissed questions and a request for information about any ongoing investigation that might be underway.

“Thank you for your inquiry, but I would respectfully request you familiarize yourself with the laws you reference before requesting information under the law,” said Captain JT Miller, the NBPD’s public information officer.

“[Section 3(b) of NJ’s public records law] pertains to crimes and the potential criminal charges associated with, and not a catch all for information on incidents you are curious about,” Miller continued.  “The incident you seek information about is not criminal in nature.”

“As you are fully aware, because we have discussed this in the past, all motor vehicle crash reports are posted on-line, free of charge for the public to view.”

But ten days after this crash, this one is still not available.

Police are also investigating a hit and run that injured a young girl and a toddler on October 31, according to an NBPD press release.

Another boy was struck by a vehicle while walking from school on November 22 at the corner of Livingston Avenue and Howard Street.

In that incident, the driver remained on the scene as paramedics lifted the boy into a stretcher. The boy suffered scrapes on his face as a result of the incident, the vehicle’s front right-hand bumper was damaged. 

Concerns have been raised as result of these recent incidents, as courtesy busing was removed for more than 400 students attending New Brunswick Middle School.

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Always on the scene covering live, breaking news in and around New Brunswick, NJ | Comprometido A Traer Las Noticias Más Actualizadas A La Comunidad De New Brunswick, NJ

Always on the scene covering live, breaking news in and around New Brunswick, NJ | Comprometido A Traer Las Noticias Más Actualizadas A La Comunidad De New Brunswick, NJ