NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) is investigating a robbery where a college student was pistol-whipped, according to a Rutgers University crime alert.

The robbery took place at 1:47 a.m. on April 23 in an off-campus residence, on Guilden Street between Bristol and Prosper Streets.

According to the alert, the victims of this robbery reported hearing voices outside of their residence.  Upon checking the alleyway next to the residence, they discovered three male suspects wearing masks, it says.

But another source said that the victims were “jumped”  by the attackers and chased into their home.  Police radio transmissions indicate the altercation may have began as far as the Krauszer’s located half a block away.

One of the suspects then allegedly used the handle of a handgun to strike one of the victims before they entered the residence and demanded items of value.

According to police communications, two of the three suspects were armed with black handguns.  One victim ran out of the rear of the house and met up with police on Hamilton Street later on. 

After searching the residence, the three suspects fled area down Guilden Street in an unknown direction.

The police said that the description of the three suspects is limited at this time.  According to police communications, the three suspects were reportedly black men, including one wearing a blue sweatshirt and a black mask.

“NBPD reported signs of marijuana use at the residence,” read the Rutgers crime alert.  “The victim who was assaulted sustained non-life threatening injuries.”

The NBPD is actively investigating this incident and asks that anyone with information to contact the NBPD Detective Bureau at 732-745-5217.

Reporter at New Brunswick Today