NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On December 4, Catholic Charities is hosting another Spanish-language information session detailing the ramifications of a recent executive order on immigration signed by President Barack Obama.

Tonight, at 7pm, in the auditorium of the Lord Stirling Elementary School at 101 Redmond Street at 7pm, lawyers will explain in detail the country’s new policies of Deferred Action for Parents (DAP) of U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents.

Catholic Charities, the immigration legal services of the Diocese of Metuchen, have already presented two of these sessions at the Unity Square Community Center.  Held just two days after the President’s announcement, both sessions were standing room only.

Experts will be providing the same information on “how to prepare for a process that won’t begin for approximately another 6 months.”

Legal representatives will be answering questions, highlighting nuanced details, and explaining what the executive order means for immigrants and their families.

Catholic Charities and the Diocese Metuchen plan on hosting several more in the area throughout New Brunswick.

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