NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–There is going to be an info session about composting, and potluck dinner tonight from 6pm-8pm at the New Brunswick Free Public Library, located at 60 Livingston Avenue.

This event has been sponsored by Elijah’s Promise, the New Brunswick Community Food Alliance, and the New Brunswick Environmental Commission. 

As Earth Day rolls around, it is important to not only celebrate, but make a commitment to change.  Food waste is an astronomical problem that can be reduced with simple lifestyle changes. 

Here, New Brunswick students and residents will learn how to compost food, even in one’s own apartment.

Composting involved the natural decomposition of organic material like food and leaves into a dark, crumbly material.

This material is then used to nourish surrounding soil, and foster plant growth.

Come by to eat and learn about making simple and positive changes for the environment.  Attendees are invited to bring a food dish to share with the group.