Rutgers Spring Semester Starts Off with Emergency Weather Closure

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–On the first day of the spring semester, Rutgers president Bob Barchi ordered an early end to the day due to snow accumulation and dangerous roads.

The last class today will end at 3:35PM, according to the announcement made by Rutgers Police at 12:35PM.

"Rutgers President Robert Barchi has… ordered the cancellation of all classes on Rutgers campuses at the end of 4th period today and to resume tomorrow, Wednesday, January 22 at the beginning of third period," read the announcement sent over the department's Nixle emergency alert system.

Fourth period classes end at different times on the university's different campuses.  The end of 4th period ranges from 2:20 PM for shorter College Avenue classes to 3:35 PM for longer Cook/Douglass classes.

The start of third period tomorrow also varies, with times ranging from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM, depending on campus and class length.

Barchi also declared a level 4 emergency weather closure to begin at 3 pm today. 

Essential service employees are required to be at work and to stick to their schedule, unless superiors tell them otherwise.

Non-essential employees are not to report to work during the closure. Because of differences in weather conditions across New Jersey, employees may be allowed to leave the job before 3 pm, but they have to get approval from their boss and they need to provide accrued and available leave time for whatever work time they missed. 

Rutgers employees in departments that belonged to Rutgers before the UMDNJ merger are advised to follow Policy 60.3.16; those in departments that used to belong to UMDNJ should follow Policy 60.9.58

Both groups would do well to look at the Weather Policy Clarification Tables as well.