New Rutgers Basketball Coach Will Take Summer Classes Towards Degree School Claimed He Had

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—As Rutgers University tries to put recent scandals behind them, the university's embattled athletics department announced Friday that its new head basketball coach, Eddie Jordan, had enrolled in two summer classes towards a degree the university erroneously reported he had.

In a press release announcing Jordan's hiring, the university described him as being a health and physical education graduate of the Rutgers class of 1977.  After reported the embarrassing oversight, the university apologized for the mistake within hours.

"Eddie Jordan is enrolled in two classes this summer session," said Kevin Lorincz, Director of Athletic Communications at Rutgers.

Lorincz said Jordan is pursuing a degree in labor and employment relations, a different field than the phys ed degree the school had previously said he earned.

Although Jordan attended four years of undergraduate classes (1973-1977), and continued taking classes in 1978, 1981, and 1985, he never actually earned a Rutgers diploma.  Jordan earned 103 credits, at least seven short of the number needed to graduate.

Jordan wrote on his resume that he had graduated Rutgers in 1985, even though he had no diploma to back up his assertion.

Jordan told the press he didn't get a diploma because he "wasn't registered right."

"I went back to Rutgers in 1984-85 as a voluntary assistant to complete my studies. I didn't walk. I didn't get a diploma because I wasn't registered right. That's it. I was 28 and didn't take care of my business. It was never an issue."

Old Queens downplayed the lack of a diploma in a statement, noting that Jordan was "inducted into the Rutgers Hall of Distinguished Alumni in 2004" and "a part of the Rutgers family since 1977."