Rutgers Student Passes Away in Cook Campus Dormitory

NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ—Andrew Gottfried, a 19-year-old Rutgers University freshman, died in his room at Perry Hall on the Cook campus, according to Rutgers spokesman Steve Manas.

Gottfried's body was discovered shortly after 9am on March 15, the final day of classes before a week-long break in the semester was scheduled to begin.  Paramedics and police who were called to the scene attempted to revive Gottfried unsuccessfully.

Gottfried, a graduate of Hightstown High School, was pronounced dead at 9:20 am.  Rutgers counselors were on hand to help the bereaved, according to Manas.

Rutgers University said that the death does not appear to have been suspicious.  But whoever called in the situation to authorities did say that Gottfried's death may have been drug-related, according to police radio transmissions.

"Respond to Perry Hall 301 for the unresponsive not breathing, unknown how long… According to the caller, it may be drug-related," said a dispatcher over the radio.

Gottfried was remembered in an online guestbook for being a warm and friendly young man with a sweet smile. His school pictures were displayed proudly in his family's "salon" during his lifetime, and he left fond memories.

Gottfried's funeral will be held tomorrow night at 7pm in the Barlow & Zimmer Funeral Home, located at 202 Stockton Street in Hightstown. There will be a wake beforehand, from 4pm to 7pm.