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VIDEO: No One Arrested as Police Brutality Protest Takes Over Rt. 18

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Tensions ran high on Friday as protest organizers steered a crowd of well over 100 people onto Route 18, the city's main artery, taking a historic stand against racism and the lack of accountability for police killings across the country.

The protest had the same beginning and ending points as one held two weeks earlier, but took a more circuitous route through much more of the city, including several stoppages of traffic.

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Developer Secures Approval to Build Apartment Complex and Restaurants in Movie Theatre Parking Lot

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The large parking lot behind the AMC Loews movie theater may soon see the construction of three buildings, including two restaurants and a four-story apartment complex.

On September 22, the city's Zoning Board unanimously approved the application by Raritan Heights Phase II, LLC, a company owned and controlled by Piscataway-based Edgewood Properties, for changes to their already approved plans.