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New Brunswick High School Hosts Free Shredding Event

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Middlesex County is hosting a free paper-shredding event for residents on Friday, July 7, in the parking lot of New Brunswick High School, which is located at 1000 Somerset Street.

The event is part of a program that has been put in place by the county government to help county residents securely recycle their unwanted paper documents.

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MCPO: Carteret Cop Charged After Beating Up Teenage Victim

CARTERET, NJ—Police Officer Joseph Reiman was suspended and charged with three counts of second-degree, official misconduct after allegedly beating a local teenager and failing to activate the camera that was a part of his uniform.

That assault occurred shortly after the 16-year-old victim was involved in a crash on May 31, and led to serious injuries for the teen, and serious charges for Reiman.

In addition to the official misconduct counts, Reiman also faces a third-degree aggravated assault charge.

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