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Brunswick-Based NJ-SPCA Stripped of Police Powers by State

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The New Jersey Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NJ-SPCA), based in New Brunswick, has long been mired in controversy.

In January, continued calls to action by animal-rights activists and state-sanctioned reports over the course of nearly two decades, culminated in the adoption of a state law to strip the NJ-SPCA of its police powers.

Former Governor Chris Christie signed the bill, which passed the state Assembly 63-0 with four abstentions, during his final days in office.

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Franklin Police Stop in Brunswick Leads to Internal Affairs Complaint

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–After dropping off a child from the youth program she ran, a local woman found herself doing one thing during a traffic stop this summer: waiting.

“I was waiting for some sort of explanation. I thought I must have a taillight out or I must have been speeding. I figured it was routine,” said Laura Eppinger, formerly a program associate for the Rutgers-affiliated New Brunswick 4-H youth club.

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Cyberattacks Becoming Increasingly Prevalent and Devastating

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–While cyber attacks have been propagated in the past, never before has a wave of this magnitude washed over such a wide gamut of systems on a global level.

Federal agents investigated a string of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against Rutgers University in 2015, and a series of "spearphishing" attacks against Democratic Party campaigns in 2016, but the latest trend in cyberattacks is "ransomware."