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Belfast Community Gospel Choir Brings “Joy by the Bucketload” to Hub City’s Kirkpatrick Chapel

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—“I want you to turn to the person on one side and say ‘we're in for the ride of our lives.’ Now I want you to turn to the person on the other side of you and say ‘Oh my goodness, the Irish are here!’”

That command to the audience by Belfast Community Gospel Choir director Marie Lacey captured the mood of raucous celebration that gripped Kirkpatrick chapel on the evening of Friday May 30.

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Jazz Review: Akiko Tsuruga Quartet at Makeda

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Helping to kick off the opening week of the New Brunswick Jazz Project’s “Women in Jazz Month,” organist Akiko Tsuruga brought her swinging and grooving brand of jazz to Makeda. The Osaka native’s rhythmic approach and mastery was evident, as she poked and prodded her band into an excellent performance.