WASHINGTON, DC—Employees and retirees of St. Peter's Hospital were disappointed to find out their pension plan had been approved for a change by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on August 22.

Because of the hospital's affiliation with the Catholic Church, the IRS ruled that they are not subject the requirements of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).  Instead, the pensions now qualify for "church plan" status.

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—St. Peter's University Hospital has recently expanded and redesigined their perinatal center. The new modernized facility is now equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including an Antenatal Testing Unit

St. Peter's now offers a Perinatal Emergency Triage and Treatment Unit, an eight-bed unit serves that will serve as an emergency room for pregnant women, along with a High-Risk Antepartum Unit that will treat women with chornic medical coniditions or complex pregnacies.

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—24-year-old, Joshua Negron of New Brunswick was killed on Hale Street near the corner of Remsen Avenue. He was shot multiple times by an unidentified assailant on the evening of November 12.

Negron's killing is the second in three days.  A teenager was stabbed to death just two nights earlier at the same intersection. 

According to the press release from the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office, Negron was rushed to Robert Wood University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 12:02 am.

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Alan Goldman, a Rutgers University chemistry professor recently recieved an award for his work with the manipulation of hydrocarbons from the American Chemical Society.

The award he recieved, the first of its kind, is the American Chemical Society's Catalysis Lecturship for the Advancement of Catalytic Science.  Professor Goldman's groundbreaking work was in the area of creating cleaner and more efficient fuel cells.

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office announced that a 17-year-old New Brunswick teenager, Junio Moronto, was the apparent victim of a fatal stabbing early yesterday morning.

Moronto was rushed to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 2:45 am.

The New Brunswick Police Department's invesigation began after a New Brunswick officer on routine patrol found Moronto laying on the ground on the corner of Remsen Avenue and Hale Street in New Brunswick at 1:52 am. 

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Darryll Underwood has been charged with gun crimes for the second time this month, according to a release from the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office.

Police determined that Underwood targeted a 28-year-old Raheem Fuqua, shooting him and killing a 21-year-old mother in front of the city's Progressive Masonic Temple on Hale Street shortly after 2am on October 6.

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