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Protests Continue in Fight For $15 Minimum Wage For Rutgers Staff

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Even after criminal charges were filed against student activists pushing for a higher minimum wage at Rutgers University, their "Fight for 15" campaign continues.

In the lead-up to the Rutgers Board of Trustees' meeting on December 12, University President Robert Barchi announced he would increase the wage for student workers to $11 an hour effective January 1.

Previously, some student workers at the university earned wages as low as $8.44 an hour, the state's current minimum wage.

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Rutgers 4-H Summer Science Program Helps Kids Prepare For Careers in STEM and College

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–The Rutgers University 4-H Summer Science program took place on July 10-14 on the university's Cook Campus.

The program is designed to enrich young people’s interest and competency in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), as well as develop "ambassadors," who share their experience and knowledge of STEM topics and campus life with other students in their hometown.