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Governor Chris Christie Plays Medical Marijuana Advocate on Presidential Campaign Trail

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—During the September 16 Republican Presidential debate, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie addressed the issue of marijuana legalization along with three other candidates: Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, and Carly Fiorina.

Of the foursome, Christie was the only candidate committed to enforcing the federal ban on marijuana, even in states that have already approved legalization, such as Colorado and Washington.

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Summer Concert Series and Arts Festival Kicks Off in Boyd Park

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The Fourth Annual Hub City Sounds concert series is set to kick off on Saturday, August 8 and to continue through September 26 at various locations throughout New Brunswick.

Performances will take place every Saturday and on some Sundays during the next eight weeks, beginning with the kickoff event in Boyd Park.

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New Brunswick Groups Contributed to Historic NYC March Against Climate Change

NEW YORK, NY—On Sunday September 21, approximately 150 Rutgers students traveled to New York City to attend the People's Climate March, a demonstration calling for environmental reform and to raising awareness of the climate change problem.

The students added to the roughly 400,000 others in attendance in New York City on that Sunday, making it the largest environmental protest in history.

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