FRANKLIN, NJ—On the weekend of June 2, the Rutgers Office of Summer and Winter Sessions is hosting its inaugural Writer’s Conference at the Rutgers Continuing Education Center at 300 Atrium Drive in Somerset, NJ

The conference promises to help novice and experienced writers, “polish your craft and publish your work.”

Those who register for the conference will be able to attend sessions within six tracks; creative non- fiction, the business of writing, poetry, fiction writing, writing for performance, and genre fiction.

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–On July 1, Rutgers University began the process of switching out Pepsi products with Coca-Cola products after 11 years of Pepsi under an exclusivity contract with the company.

But more than two and a half months later, officials at both Rutgers and Coca-Cola have refused to say just how much money will change hands under the new arrangement.

"It is Company policy that we don’t release any financials on our agreements with our partners," said Coca-Cola spokesperson Maria Pignataro.

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—At the New Brunswick City Council meeting on December 2, the Council approved the purchase of ten chairs for the New Brunswick Police department (NBPD), amounting to a total of $2,976.60.

According to officials, the $297 chairs were purchased through a "state contract," after a public bidding process.

"State contract means that the state went out to bid for that item, and we can buy the items from them," said Business Administrator Thomas Loughlin III.

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On Sunday November 22, coLAB Arts will showcase comic books from its Comic in a Day competition at Court Tavern from 6pm-9pm.

coLAB is an arts non-profit organization that serves the New Brunswick community. According to coLAB’s website, its mission is to "engage artists, social advocates, and communities to create transformative new work".  Jad Kaado, the literary curator for coLAB, says the non profit tries to, “bridge the arts with current advocacy issues.”

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