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A Hub City Institution, The Old Bay to Close Its Doors After 30 Years

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Back in the summer of 1985, Anthony Tola joked to his friends that they should head to New Brunswick for some great seafood.

It was said in jest because three decades ago New Brunswick wasn’t a food destination of any kind, let alone a spot known for quality seafood.

Less than two years later, Tola, Tony Ventrie, and investment partner Robert Steiger opened The Old Bay at 61 Church Street in downtown New Brunswick.

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Artichoke Basille’s to Add Diversity to New Brunswick Pizza Scene

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The Hub City has no shortage of pizza joints, with nearly a dozen on Easton Ave. alone.

From Panico’s to Giovanelli’s, PJ’s, Skinny Vinnie’s, and the recently opened Krispy Pizza, the area has certainly never lacked for good ‘za.  But New Brunswick may soon be home to a New York City cult phenomenon which will be entering the pizza party sometime next year.