NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—White Rose Hamburgers, also known as White Rose System, is set to officially open today at 43 Easton Avenue, according to owner Michael Litos.

And the good news gets better: White Rose on Easton Avenue will also offer delivery in the near future.

White Rose in Highland Park has been a local favorite since it opened in 1957.  White Roses's well-known sliders are one of a kind: above-average sized patties come on a soft kaiser roll and are topped with a generous amount of cheese and sautéed onions.

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—After a long and torturous winter, glorious weather has finally arrived.  Although New Brunswick's narrow sidewalks offer little room for café seating, insiders know that the city is full of places to lounge outside with cold drinks and a delicious meal, in several different areas around town.

Here's a list of our favorite spots to dine while enjoying the beautiful summer weather and vibrant city atmosphere:


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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Just in time for warm weather, three new frozen yogurt shops have opened in downtown New Brunswick.  All four spots in town – Red Mango, Let’s YO!, Top It, and Truly Yogurt – serve frozen yogurt with a unique twist.

Frozen yogurt, affectionately referred to as "froyo," is similar to soft-serve ice cream.  It tastes great, is low in fat, and it is packed with calcium, protein, and probiotics that help the immune and digestive systems.

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