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“Legendary Raids” Briefly Revive Pokémon Go Craze in Brunswick

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–In the summer of 2016, at the corner of George Street and Livingston, you could often find a crowd of people huddled at Monument Square Park playing Pokémon Go, the first popular augmented reality game.

This was a popular location, where players would throw “lures” to attract extra Pokémon and people would spend hours catching and collecting from the three Pokéstops on the same street corner.

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Live Music Showcase Features Students From Local Music School

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–On January 21, the Octopus Music School held their adult student showcase at The Alfa Art Gallery at 108 Church Street.

The music school hosts annual performances twice a year, but is trying to increase the frequency of its live performances to bimonthly.

“The goal is to grant more opportunity to play live music and to be proactive and playing,” said Joseph Fekete, a Rutgers graduate and founder of The Octopus Music School.